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If you’re not a singer but like to belt out a tune from time to time, there’s no two better places for it  – the shower and the car!

Admit it, even if you’ve got a voice that would crack a wing mirror who doesn’t enjoy singing. Especially when it’s from the top of their lungs. Especially if no one else is in the car with you!

The Scrappers – music to motorists ears!


And oddly enough, singing might even make you a happier and healthier driver and here’s why:

Apparently scientists have said that singing has a calming but energising effect on people.

Singing is a natural antidepressant, according to a report in Time magazine. It may release happy mind vibes known as endorphins which are linked to feelings of pleasure. When you sing it can release a hormone called oxytocin which reduces feelings of anxiety and stress.

Singing is also good for your health because it’s a form of exercise which gives the lungs a workout. So if you’re gonna sing on that morning commute,  give it some welly!

Apparently singing can also give you a stronger diaphragm and stimulate your circulation as your body needs more oxygen while you thrash out a tune.

Singing is also said to improve memory and mental alertness as it helps deliver more oxygen carrying blood to the brain.

And for those who may struggle with concentration and memory recall singing can help. It may ease the symptoms helping people with dementia to keep their memories.

Ever marvelled at how you can remember the words to a song from years back?!


So the next time you’re behind the wheel why not enjoy some solo sing-song time to cheer yourself up and improve your general well-being.

So what if you hit a few bum notes along the way – the driver next to you is probably doing the same!

One area that shouldn’t be out of tune, however, is your car. If that’s the case, get a pro to check it out. But if it’s beyond repair, or simply going to cost a song to fix – then why not scrap it!

And if you’re wondering, “how do I scrap my car in Bolton?” or “how do I scrap my car near me?” then call The Scrappers.

Whether you’re based in Bolton and you’re thinking ‘find best scrap car collectors near me’ let them help. The Scrappers are on hand to pick up your vehicle and pay the best price, or if you are in Manchester scrap car collectors are also on hand.

If you are anywhere in the UK scrap car collectors can pick up your vehicle because The Scrappers run a nationwide network collecting cars. They also collect vans and trucks and bikes from all over the UK.

You will always get the best payout for your scrap vehicle. Plus the Scrappers can also offer you great deals on used car parts. Always at prices which will make you want to sing on the rooftops!

Let the Scrappers hit all the right notes for you when it comes to scrapping a vehicle or buying quality used car parts.

Call 01204388488 or go online.

The Scrappers – you’ll soon be singing our praises!