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Where can I sell scrap metal for best price today near me?

With Christmas just around the corner, most folk would welcome saving extra bob or too for the festive season.

Even Santa is probably trying to tighten his belt this year with the extra fuel costs – good job he’s got Rudolf and the gang hey!

But if Santa ever did need a new sleigh, he could always scrap his current one with The Scrappers!

We will take any car, any van, any truck, any plant machine and any sleigh!

Plus we also buy all grades of metal – ferrous and non ferrous.

The Scrappers are known for paying the best prices for scrap vehicles by a country mile!

So if you want to make money fast before Christmas, choose The Scrappers.


We can even assist you with your current vehicle, from nearly new tyres to good as new engines and other car parts.

In fact, we have thousands of quality used car parts on our shelves just waiting to get a second chance in another vehicle. 

Recycling and saving our customers money is at the heart of what The Scrappers do, so why not get in touch today.

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Now is the time to cash in big with any scrap vehicles or scrap metal. Demand is raging at the moment so why not take advantage.

You might be thinking, “where can I sell scrap metal for best price today near me?” Then let The Scrappers help. Or you could be wondering, “who pays the most for alloys near me?”

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “who pays the most for alloys in Bolton?” Or it could be a case of you asking, “who pays the most for alloys in Manchester?”

Basically, if you’re in the North West, The Scrappers want to hear from you.


Why not visit us online or if you want to have a good old chinwag then call us on 01204 388488. Our staff are only too happy to chat with you.

Don’t forget we are also a used car parts dealer in the North West. Thousands of car parts adorn our shelves. Just call us or go online and we will sort you out.

So, if you want a healthy cash injection just before the festivities start why not sell you scrap vehicle or scrap metal to The Scrappers.

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And if you have a fleet of cars to sell, then why not contact Scrap My Cars. They buy in old taxi lines, busses, plant machinery. Get in touch and cash in!