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Failure to Launch?

There is nothing worse than something going wrong with the engine in your car. You get that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realise it’s going to cost you a fortune to have fixed and you feel helpless.

An engine failing can be caused by a great many things, but diagnosing the problem can be categorised into three groups: Overheating, lack of lubrication and knocking. To give you a bit more of an insight into what might have gone wrong with your engine, here are a few possibilities.

Overheating is caused by anything that hinders the engine coolant’s capacity to work. Your thermostat could be faulty, there could be a  leak in your engine cooling system or your head gasket could have blown to name but a few causes.

Lack of lubrication is caused and resolved by one simple task; putting oil in the engine. If your oil hasn’t been checked and refilled regularly, there is nothing to lubricate the metal components inside the engine.

Knocking (or detonation) is pretty serious and is caused by the engine fuel exploding erratically instead of burning smoothly. Over a period of time, knocking can cause problems with you cars head gasket.

Now for your solution.

You could  fix the one component of your engine which you believe is the problem or you could replace your cars worn out engine, with a used and refurbished engine from The Scrappers.

Here at one of the biggest car breakers in the North West, we have a huge range of engines for all makes and models and our team of experts make sure that the engine is tested and inspected before selling it to you, for our best possible price. Not only that, but our onsite mechanics will even fit your engine for you.

What’s more, we can send your new engine to you as we provide shipping nationwide. But if you live in the North West, our location is accessible from Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Accrington, Burnley, Blackburn, Chorley, Darwen, Preston, Liverpool, Wigan, Warrington.

Don’t let your engine fail you again, nip the trouble in the bud and get the best prices here at The Scrappers Bolton.