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Export request from Egypt!


Greetings from Egypt

I came across your website when searching for jaguar specialist who can help me with a full restoration needed for my 1973 XJ6 (*2N2362BW*)

I would like to fully renovate it with two objectives; 1- using it daily 2- keep its originality as much as possible

The car is in a very bad condition, as all its original part were replaced by components of a 1992 sovereign (engine, transmission and interior) and I would like to get all of it back to its original shape, we can say that it is almost in need to be built from scratch

I am currently looking for a complete similar old car to buy and use its parts in restoring mine.

Can you please help me with finding one to be bought and shipped to Egypt.

If you can assist me on this issue, please inform the time framed procedures to get this matter done and estimated rough costing for such project.

If you are not working on XJ6, kindly recommend a reliable specialist, who can supervise the restoration project, by identifying the needs, finding the parts, sending it to Egypt and monitoring the replacing steps.

Thank you