Picture of a scrap yard for metal recycling

The Environmental Benefits of Metal Recycling

Regardless of your opinions on, or your interest in, the environment, everyone’s talking about it. It’s all over the news, all over the world, and it’s almost impossible to ignore. Therefore, we thought it was important for us to address it in relation to our line of work: the scrap metal and metal recycling industries.

We’re always reminded of the environmental benefits of recycling in general, and metal recycling is no different. Below, we’ve taken a quick look at why having your unwanted metal recycled is so beneficial for the environment.



Again, you’ll almost certainly have heard that the planet is running out of … well, pretty much everything. Metal is no different. There is a finite supply of metal ore in the earth, and it’s a real strain on resources to continually dig it up. Moreover, it doesn’t do the visual appeal of the planet any favours, as the arduous extraction process is usually required on previously untouched ground.

Metal recycling allows us to re-use what we already have in circulation, alleviating the need to continually dig for fresh ore. That, in itself, makes the processes of scrapping and recycling extremely environmentally friendly. Provided we continue to recycle our metals effectively, we should be able to continue using the materials for some the foreseeable future.



Perhaps unsurprisingly, the process required for recycling existing metals is less arduous than the one required to produce new ones. Creating “new” metals by extracting them from the earth causes harmful Co2 emissions; reducing these emissions is extremely important for the overall well being of the environment.

Carbon emissions are one of the primary causes of global warming and climate change, which are both having a number of negative effects on the environment. The importance of the issue is arguably reflected in one of our previous blogs, where we spoke about the 2017 scrappage scheme.

The other side

With everything we’ve spoken about so far, it is clear that metal recycling has a positive impact on the environment. Generally, the only reason people decide against recycling their
unwanted metal is that it seemingly requires more effort. On balance, though, the effort required to collect and sort unwanted metals is practically non-existent compared with the demands of a world without sustainable resources. It’s a long-term argument, but it’s absolutely essential that we take it seriously.​

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