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Easy ways to sell a car


As you’re probably aware, The Scrappers buy any make or model vehicle in any condition.

They also offer customers extremely reasonably priced used car parts and they also have vehicles to sell.

It’s got legs! 😱

These days some motorists choose to lease their car rather than buy it.

So today we thought we’d look at the pros and cons  of each. So if you are thinking of getting a new car, but you’re not sure whether leasing or buying suits you best.. perhaps our guide can steer you in the right direction.

Keeping the down payment as low as possible – lease if you want to pay as little as possible when it comes to paying upfront.

But if you buy, you could pay more upfront and reduce your monthly payments.

To be able to lease a vehicle you need to have good credit. If your credit history is lousy then buying is the best option.

Leasing could be great if you don’t have many monthly outgoings like a hefty mortgage and bills.

But if you’re on a tight old budget and have a family then buying a motor is probably best for you.

If you’re going to drive long distances be aware that you may have to shell out extra on a leased vehicle if you go over a certain mileage threshold.


If you have bought a car, you can drive as much as you like, bear in mind you’re adding miles to the clock, however. You might be thinking, “Easy ways to sell a car”.

Leasing gives you the option to claim your payments as a business expense.

Buying not so much.

If you’re likely to replace your car every two to three years leasing may suit you.

Alternatively, you may like to get as much out of your bought car as possible.

And if you do, then The Scrappers can help with any replacement parts along the way, keeping you on the road for less.

And we also get some great runners in our yard so if you are looking to buy a car, or trade your current vehicle why not opt to see what The Scrappers have in store?

Or perhaps you want to scrap a vehicle and use the money to go out and find another vehicle.

The Scrappers will always pay the best price. It’s what they’re known for and why they have so many happy customers.

You can even find out the valuation of your car, van, motorbike or truck by using their nifty online valuation calculator.

Or call the team and they will happily give you a no obligation quote over the phone.


They’re an ATF breakers yard – Authorised Treatment Facility. This means every vehicle that comes in for breaking is dealt with safely and greenly, minimising any effect to the environment.

In other words, everything that can be recycled is recycled and any waste is dealt with following safety regulations.

So why not get in touch. If you’re thinking ‘I want to scrap my car Bolton’, for example. They’re open seven days a week and operate on a 24/7 basis online.

Call 01204388488 or visit their website here.