Earn the best scrap car prices with The Scrappers

If you have a car that has reached the end of its life and you want to earn the best scrap car prices, then it’s time to contact the team at The Scrappers.

The team is also interested in vans and motorbikes regardless of their age or condition and are prepared to pay the best prices and also organise a pickup at a time to suit you.

To help, there is a vehicle valuation tool on their website so you can quickly find out how much your scrap vehicle is worth.

In addition, The Scrappers will pay the best scrap price because there is a strong demand for vehicle parts and engines for exporting to a growing list of customers overseas.

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Wanting to earn the best scrap car prices? Call The Scrappers on 01204 388488.

The Scrappers can offer the best scrap price

It helps too that The Scrappers have a network of agents around the UK so they can offer the best scrap price and then organise for your vehicle to be picked up using an agent.

It’s important to appreciate that you’ll need the paperwork to hand when you scrap your vehicle which will prove that you are the legal owner.

When your vehicle is scrapped, then the scrapping firm needs to notify the DVLA with a ‘certificate of destruction’ to prove that your vehicle has been disposed of legally.

Only those scrapping firms that are recognised as authorised treatment facilities can issue these certificates.

Use a scrap car recycling centre

If you don’t use a scrap car recycling centre that is monitored by the Environment Agency and you just hand your vehicle over to a scrapping firm, then you run the risk that you may be legally liable for any speeding and parking tickets incurred after the vehicle is taken off your hands.

It’s also the law that you will need to prove who you are so the vehicle salvage firm will ask for proof of ID, such as your passport or driving licence.

The salvage firm operative will make a record of the ID should it be required in future, so you won’t get away with briefly waving what appears to be an official document at the operative.

Since The Scrappers is a reputable firm, we should also highlight that you should never hand your vehicle over for scrapping in exchange for hard cash because the law now states that you must be paid by bank transfer into your account or be offered a business cheque.

If a scrapping firm is offering cash, then you would be wise to avoid them because this could lead to lots of trouble afterwards when you could comply with the law and be reassured that your vehicle is going to be safely dismantled in an environmentally-friendly way by using The Scrappers.

Anybody wanting to earn the best scrap car prices for their car, van or motorbike, then it’s time to contact the friendly team at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 to arrange a pickup and agree to a price for doing so.