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Scrap My Car Dorchester

Scrap A Car Dorchester

For over 20 years we have been at the head of the scrap a car Dorchester game. We will literally take any scrap car off your hands, whether it is a Ferrari or a Fiesta, a BMW or a Bentley, we will come and collect it for free and pay you the best price. If something has gone wrong with your car, and you don’t want to fork out the money to repair it, why not make money when you scrap a car Dorchester with Scrap A Car Locally. We always do our best to make sure that every customer is happy with the service provided and we diligently check the prices of scrap metal so that we can offer you the best amount of money.

100% customer satisfaction is our aim and on top of paying the best prices for your scrap car, we also will come and collect your car for free, at a time and location to suit you. We have drivers on the roads at all times of the day, so whenever is good for you, is also good for us. We will pay you by cheque when we come to collect your car, as it is now illegal to pay for scrap cars with cash, and we find that our customers prefer to have the money in their hands on the day. We want to make the customers experience of scrap a car Dorchester a good one, however, it is also our duty to abide by the law.


Scrap A Van Dorchester

If you have a van, we can also scrap a van Dorchester. Whatever the size of the van you have, if it has given up on you, we will come and take it off your hands. As vans are usually used for work, it is essential they are in a good working order, however having repairs performed on them could cost a fortune, so why not scrap a van Dorchester today. Even if you van or car doesn’t start, it is still worth something to us, as we work of the weight of the vehicle, and our wagons can always winch your vehicle onto their backs. Therefore, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the money we pay you when you scrap a car Dorchester or scrap a van Dorchester.


Recycle My Car

If you are one of those people who are worried about the environment, you shouldn’t worry when you scrap a car Dorchester with us, as we are an Authorised Treatment Facility and have been approved by the Environment Agency. When you scrap car passes through our gates, it isn’t just thrown on to the scrap heap, we make sure that wee recycle up to 90% of every car. Firstly we filter the harmful chemicals and fluids from the car, and dispose of these safely. This means we are creating less CO2 emissions. The next step is to strip the car of the parts, and the parts that are clean and still in a good working order can be used again. Finally the car is crushed, however, this isn’t the end as this metal will be used to make other things. What was your old scrap car today, could be somebodies brand new car tomorrow.

Call the team on 01204 388 488 too scrap a car Dorchester today.