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Scrap My Car Doncaster

Scrap A Car Doncaster

What’s better than making money from your old scrap car Doncaster? When your car has given up on you, it is always a good idea to consider scrapping, as trying the fix the problem could cost you more money than the car is worth. However, we pay good money on all makes and models of car, regardless of their condition or age. We pride ourselves on having the fantastic customer satisfaction levels, and every single customer that scraps a car with us is shocked not only with the price we offer but the professionalism and friendliness of our team.

When you have agreed a price with one of our advisers, we will send a driver out as soon as possible to collect your car. We will always collect your car for free, and you can choose a time and place to suit you. We have drivers on the roads at all times of the day, so whenever is good for you, is good for us. It doesn’t even matter if your car doesn’t drive, as each of our wagons has the capacity to winch the car onto the back. When we come to your scrap car Doncaster, one of the team will be armed with a cheque and will pay you the exact price that was offered on the phone. It is now illegal to pay for scrap cars with cash, so if you are offered cash, this should flag up that something is wrong with the scrap car Doncaster dealer.  You can always trust us to scrap your car, as we have been in the industry for over 20 years.


Scrap Car Doncaster

Over the past 20 years, we as a nation have become more aware of saving the environment. Making the world a greener and safer place to live for future generations is in everyone’s conciousness. Well, when you scrap a car Doncaster with scrap a car locally, you are doing your bit for the environment. We recycle up to 90% of every car that passes through our gates and we are proud to be and Environment Agency approved Authorised Treatment Facility. We make sure that any hazardous materials are safely disposed of and any parts that can be used again to get another car back on the road will be. Finally, when the car is just a shell and is crushed, the metal can be used again and again, reducing carbon emissions by saving natural resources.


Used Car Parts

If you have a scrap car Doncaster, that is only half of what we have in store. As we also sell used car parts. As the leading breaker of late cars in the UK, you can be sure that we will more than likely have the part you need in stock. Our shelves are brimming with parts for all makes and models, including parts for the engine and transmission. So if you think your car has come to the end-of-its life, maybe a used car part could get it back to a full working condition. Every part is cleaned and refurbished to the highest of standards, so when it is dispatched to you it is guaranteed to be in a perfect condition.

So why not give us a call today on 01204 388 488 to scrap a car Doncaster, or to buy used car parts.