A pile of scrapped cars

Do you need a Mercedes scrap yard?

Scrap your Mercedes for cash

If you are searching online in a bid to find a Mercedes scrap yard near you, then you can save time and make money from The scrappers.

Not only will this friendly, family-run business offer the best prices but they can offer a free collection of your scrap Mercedes at a time and place to suit you.

They will also pay instantly into your bank account when they pick your unwanted Mercedes up.

It’s also important to appreciate that The Scrappers will pay the most money because, as leading Mercedes-Benz breakers, there is a strong demand from customers for Mercedes spares including Mercedes engines and gearboxes.

Scrap a Mercedes for cash

When you need to scrap a Mercedes for cash, you need to appreciate that you can no longer be handed money by car and van breakers.

Instead, the law states you must be paid into a bank account and it’s illegal for a car scrapping firm to offer money.

This is probably the point to appreciate that whoever offers cash is probably not an authorised treatment facility so you will still be liable for your Mercedes when you hand it over for scrapping.

It is a good idea to comply with the law to avoid a hefty fine and since The Scrappers is an authorised treatment facility you will be reassured to know that their activities are monitored by the Environment Agency and your Mercedes will be depolluted properly and any Mercedes parts that can be recycled will be.

Scrap a Mercedes-Benz car quickly

A pile of scrapped cars

Do you need a Mercedes scrap yard? Then you should call The Scrappers on 01204 388488 for the best prices.

If you need to scrap a Mercedes-Benz car quickly, The Scrappers can offer a free scrap car collection service at a time and place to suit you.

For those who may have a late model Mercedes, then there’s a big demand for Mercedes spares from others wanting to repair their own vehicle so it’s likely you’ll be offered a premium for your vehicle.

Indeed, there’s a thriving business for Mercedes-Benz car parts from customers in the UK and from overseas that The Scrappers is striving to meet.

For the chance to earn the most money when you need to find a Mercedes scrap yard, you should speak with the team at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 today to arrange a free collection of your scrap or salvage Mercedes.