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Do scrap yards take cars?


This is Gloria, our glorious grabber. Isn’t she grab-ulous!!   

She’s a mean lean gripping machine who will sink her claws into anything shiny and metally.   UK's car scrappage scheme deadline

Her job is to grab scrapped cars, vans and trucks that have been stripped down to their shell. She them moves them ready for the giant crusher jaws that reduce a vehicle into a stocky bale.

This bundle of metal love then goes on to be recycled and one day take form in other things.

Gloria has been in our yard for 10 years, however a year ago almost to the day in fact, Gloria was nearly taken from us. 

Terry Walker, founder of The Scrappers, remembers the moment well: “We have had Gloria since 2010 and last year, almost 12 months to the day, the scrap metal she was grabbing caught fire and burnt her almost completely out.

“But we managed to refurb her back to like new. She’s running beautifully now, perfect, never better in fact. gloria-grabs

“She’s as good as she was when she was new.” 


Gloria weighs in at a hefty 40 tons and grapples with the toughest of vehicles, including scrap trucks and scrap vans and scrap cars. blank

She’s a sight to behold when you see her in action and makes your average 1.4 ton motor look like a flimsy onion skin. 

During her ten year reign, gorgeous Gloria has grasped tens of thousands of vehicles and made mincemeat of every one.

Just watch in our video above how she gets stuck in, this lass does not mess around! 

Gloria is a key player in the scrappage system. 

For anyone who wants to scrap a car, they have to scrap it legally by going through an Authorised Treatment Facility such as our busy and trusted plant in the heart of Bolton.

The car that’s for scrapping with be collected by an accredited collection agent. Usually we operate on a 30 mile radius. But we can operate further afield too if want the car.  The vehicle is placed on one of our collection trucks and off it travels to us. 

Then here at our breakers yard in Bolton all hazardous materials are removed by our team of experts trained to depollute and remove parts that can be reused.

It’s important to remove any fuel, antifreeze or oil and dispose of them in the correct manner as they could contaminate water and soil if they weren’t removed properly.

Then the metal parts of a car and the plastic parts plus other fibres are separated.

Gloria then deals with the rest gripping and shifting parts before the metal goes into the crusher. 


You may have seen Gloria on TV, she became a bit of a star when The Scrappers hit the screens. 

She’s always been a star to us and a grafter and we like to keep her busy, so if you have a car to scrap locally or further afield then go ahead, make Gloria’s day!

And we’ll make your day too, because we pay top prices to scrap a car. 

The money goes into your bank account with you receiving a certificate of destruction – proof that your car has been scrapped legally and safely. 

Why not get a no obligation quote quickly online here. Do scrap yards take cars? Yes they do! 

Or pick up the dog and bone and let’s have a chit chat on (01204) 388488

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