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Scrap You Car In Coppull Today


Thinking of scrapping your car in Coppull? Well cop a load of the great deals here at The Scrappers Bolton. Whatever the vehicle you happen to have, we will take it off your hands at the best prices. Every car that comes into our salvage yard, Coppull, we can do something with. If your car is running or not, has MOT or doesn’t or is just a piece of junk that won’t move and is costing you money, we buy any car.

We Pay Well For Scrap Cars

There are lots of different actions we can take when we buy your car, we can sell it on, we can break it for parts or we can recycle, depollute and scrap it. This means that whatever the condition of the car that you wish to scrap, we will buy it as there is always something we can do with it.

If you need spare used car parts in Coppull, we sell used car parts for all makes and models of vehicle. Whether you have a Peugeot, a Ford, a Vauxhall, a BMW or anything other make or model, we have the parts here in our breakers yard.

What’s more, we also have a recovery here at The Scrappers, so if you’ve broken down in Coppull, we can send a recovery truck out to you and guarantee that we’ll be with you within the hour. So every auto service that you can think of, we provide here at The Scrappers. Call our dedicated team on 01204 388 488, or enter the details of your car into the online form.


a car coming into The Scrappers for scrap

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