Citroen Breakers

Citroen Breakers

Citroen is a French brand that has always been full of innovation and surprise. Nowadays we have the lovely run around car that is a big seller with young people because they are known for their reliability. They were the world’s first mass-produced front-wheel drive car and there are over a million Citroens on the road right now. It has never been easier to find some good quality scrap Citroens.

We at The Scrappers have a lot of used Citroen parts based in our salvage yard, ready to be picked up and reused. They are completely reworked and in a great condition. For a small price they can be bought and fitted by our expert Citroen breakers, at a much cheaper rate than our competitors. We have been at the top of the scrap car business for twenty five years and all of our staff are experts in the field.

If you own a Citroen that has a problem part then give us a bell and let us find a replacement for you. Whatever the model or car part, one of our scrap Citroen parts could be exactly what you are looking for and we will give you a great price. Our yard is filled with various used Citroen parts and there could be one that suits your car perfectly. Just give us a call and let one of our staff find out for you.


All of our recycled parts are given to expert Citroen breakers and made sure that they are in top condition before they are sent out to our customers. We do not compromise on quality, we want all our customers to go away safe and happy. The price is great, especially because all of the parts have been restored to their former glory.


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