Cheap cars bought and sold at The Scrappers

There are lots of cheap cars bought and sold at The Scrappers every week of the year, and this service helps many people.

If you have a car that’s not worth a lot and you don’t fancy the hassle of selling it online or through a dealer, then gave The Scrappers a call to see how much it might be worth as scrap.

Its value might surprise you, particularly if it’s an in-demand vehicle from those wanting spare parts from it.

This also means that there’s a market for buying a car, particularly from overseas, which is why The Scrappers export lots of engines, car parts and cars to foreign buyers.

Scrap car prices do vary between scrapping firms

There’s no doubt too that scrap car prices do vary between scrapping firms, so you could spend time shopping around to find the best price for your unwanted vehicle.

Regardless of its condition, whether it’s a runner, an MOT failure or has been involved in a serious accident, The Scrappers will be offering the best price possible for your scrap vehicle.

In addition, they can also save you the trouble of having to take it to a scrapyard since they have a network of agents around the country who can pick up your vehicle, give you cash in exchange and help you complete the V5C, also known as the logbook.

This part is particularly important because you have to inform DVLA that your car has been scrapped officially.

Searching online using the term ‘scrap my car’

So, if you are searching online using the term ‘scrap my car’, then there will be lots of potential outlets returned by the search engine for you to visit.

However, you will need to bear in mind that you will have to use a scrap yard that is an authorised treatment facility for you to comply with the law for disposing of unwanted vehicles.

Many drivers may not be aware that the laws for scrapping vehicles have changed in recent years, and if you scrap your car anywhere that isn’t an authorised treatment facility, you may be committing an offence and may be liable to a hefty financial fine.

The best way is to avoid this is to use The Scrappers who are an authorised treatment facility, to ensure you get the best price for your vehicle and that it is disposed of correctly.

If you would like to know more about cheap cars bought and sold by The Scrappers then it’s time to get in touch with the experts to find out how much your vehicle is worth and arrange for it to be collected.