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Most of us become attached to our car but there may come a time when it reaches the end of the road and you need to know ‘How to scrap a car’.

The reasons for car scrapping usually includes a mechanical problem that might cost a lot of money to fix and if it’s more than your vehicle is worth then it’s pointless spending the money. Unless you really are attached to your car.

Also, if it’s an MoT failure you may decide it’s not worth spending money on it either.

In either case you will need to scrap the car though really cars today are recycled rather than scrapped and it’s important to understand how this process works.

How to scrap a car – we recycle

It’s not that long ago when car owners were charged to scrap their vehicle but this caused problems with illegal scrapping and people abandoning their cars so now

While many of us are aware of distractions outside of the vehicle when  we are driving, such as cyclists and pedestrians, what do you know about the potential distractions inside the vehicle?

Well, that’s what we were thinking at The Scrappers – one of the UK’s leading scrapyards and vehicle breakers – as well and fortunately IAM RoadSmart has put together a list of five items that could cause a distraction when driving.

Smoking and vaping

First up is the issue of smoking and vaping while driving. For those who are driving, what happens if you drop your cigarette? What would your focus be and how will the smoke from your vape get in the way of your view of the road?


This is an interesting issue as a distraction since many people see a satnav as being helpful technology. But it’s also another item that causes us to focus less on the road

With more than 374,000 hits, a video posted onto The Scrappers Facebook page of a cyclist in collision with a vehicle has created controversy.

The video was uploaded by Terry Walker, who owns The Scrappers, and now a national newspaper has carried the story and it’s led to lots of comments with people deciding on who is to blame.

The accident footage goes viral

The driver of the Range Rover is the daughter of Terry and while the cyclist was injured, he apparently is not pressing charges but is pursuing a claim.

The video was posted with the question: “Honest opinion who is at fault here?”

The resulting online furore has led to divided opinion over whether the cyclist has the right of way.

Comments on The Scrappers Facebook video the following day approached 5,000 with commentators blaming the cyclist while others say the driver is at fault.

There’s no doubt that the cyclist takes

VW Golf is scrap schemes most popular

There’s no doubt that the growing popularity of car scrappage schemes In the UK has proved to be a hit with drivers on one website helping to reveal which makes and models drivers are scrapping.

With all 17 car manufacturers offering a scrappage scheme there’s a wide choice schemes available and drivers scrapping their vehicle looking for a discount on a new model.

But with so many offers from so many manufacturers, finding the right deal is more difficult which is why one car website unveiled a tool to help drivers.

The tool enables a car owner to find out how much they would get in cash for scrapping their car through a recognised scheme.

It’s not just a cash incentive that is attracting drivers to scrap their cars, there’s also growing fears about the environmental impact of diesel vehicles.

In addition, some diesel vehicles may have to pay more to travel into the centre

Want the best scrap price for your vehicle? Contact The Scrappers

If you want to know how you can get the best scrap price for your car or van, then read on.

In this article, we will describe how to scrap or recycle your vehicle and ensure you get the best price possible.

It’s important to understand that there are laws in place to ensure the process of scrapping cars is done correctly. Failure to comply could lead you to being fined.

Also, the UK scraps around two million cars every year and the prices being paid are linked to the worldwide demand for recycled plastics and metals.

Obviously, some cars will be broken up for their parts before they are crushed but unless you’re scrapping an expensive car, it’s unlikely the price being offered will be unaffected by current demand.

Essentially, when there is an economic boom for materials such as plastics and metal, prices will be high. Conversely, when demand falls then prices will

How would you like to pick up £8,000 for scrapping your old diesel car or van? Then this article helps explain the UK’s vehicle scrappage scheme.

With diesel drivers facing growing threats from congestion charges and higher taxes because their cars cause more pollution means they’ve been handed a lucrative solution.

That’s because car manufacturers are offering thousands for your old, dirty diesel in exchange for ordering a brand new one. Don’t forget that if your vehicle doesn’t meet the criteria you can still enjoy a decent cash offer from a scrapping firm.

Among the brands offering a scrappage deal are Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and Mini, as well as Ford, who are offering hefty discounts of up to £8,000 for diesel cars older than seven years.

The money comes even if they are made by another carmaker and are only good enough for scrapping anyway.

Scrappage schemes will cover diesel vans

It also needs to

Time To Get Rid!

If your old banger has recently died because of the cold weather and the harsh climate. Not to worry, here at scrap my car plymouth we are here to help. We collect just about any vehicle you can throw at us and pay big money for them. We also collect form any where in the UK especially in Plymouth and surrounding areas. We are a all round specialist in vehicle collection from the road side, garage, back street or any in accessible place you can think of we are guaranteed to collect your vehicle from any location in the UK.

The Legal Side

Not many people pay any or much attention to the legalities of scrapping a car. So here i am going to tell you how to scrap a car.

  • Starting with the collection – When getting you scrap car removed do not give it to any one that drives past and offers you £50 for it.
Free Scrap Car Collection Birmingham Although we’re based in the North West, did you know that we have a nationwide network of scrap car collection agents, so if you want to scrap a car in Birmingham, we can come and collect it as soon as possible. Our aim is to make the scrapping services we provide quick and simple, so that when you call the team to get a price, we can be with you the very same day. Did you know that whatever the age, make or model of your car we can send a driver to come and collect it? For the past 20 years we have been the best place to scrap a car Birmingham, and all around the UK. Car Recyclers In Birmingham When you scrap a car with us, it could even end up helping people in other countries back on the road. We export cars and their parts around the world, to countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Spain, Poland and many more. So when you scrap a car Birmingham with The Scrappers, it might not end up on the scrap heap and instead end up as parts on other cars abroad. If that still doesn’t persuade you, maybe the fact that we are an Environment Agency approved ATF will. We work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that all the cars that we buy are recycled up to 90% and all depollut [...]
Time To Dump The Junk

Your scrap car will be doing nothing but cause you a but a pain in the back-side and costing you money for road tax besides the fact of making you drive look dam ugly with a scrap car on it. I kn ow that you have been more than likely been putting it off for weeks if not month’s. Also i bet the family next door are not to pleased with it either unless you live in down town Baghdad. In that case attach a horse to the front and get on your way. But if not you need to do one thing and one thing only. And that is to call us Scrap My Car Cardiff. If you do this it will solve all of your car troubles in one fail swoop. It is more than easy to do just simply click the link to put you car details

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