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Have you ever wondered if you can easily, “scrap my car fast for most cash Manchester”.

Perhaps you’re based elsewhere in the North West and you want to know where is the best place to scrap a car fast for most cash in the North West.

Well, let us start off by congratulating you – you’ve found us; The Scrappers.

We pay the best rates going for scrap vehicles and we need cars now. We don’t mess about wasting time, if you need to scrap a car fast for most money today – you need The Scrappers.


We’re a trusted ATF and here to help you every step of the way. And because we cover the whole of the north west region you don’t even need to worry about coming to our HQ in Bolton.

You might be looking to, “scrap my car near me” – then contact The Scrappers.


Scrap my Ford Mondeo Manchester

Sell my VW Polo near me today

The Scrappers don’t really do politics, but…

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was straight talking?

When they say it, they mean it – instead of changing the goal posts all the time!

At The Scrappers, we say what we mean and mean what we say. And we don’t go an d change our minds in the 11th hour either! 

So if you’re quoted a price for you scrap vehicle, that’s the price you’ll get.

But we have to admit we do give with one hand and take away with the other! That’s because we pay you for your scrap car or van and take it away – for free!


That’s right, we can collect you Scrap car Manchester way or scrap car Bolton way. We cover the whole North West region

Scrap my car for cash online quote

Where to scrap my car fast and for most money

Have you been searching to “scrap my car for cash online quote” by any chance?

If that’s the case, welcome to The Scrappers.

Basically, we’re here to offer you the most competitive quote for your scrap car.

Who can blame you for even asking, “where to scrap my car fast and for most money?”

At the end of the day, we all want the best return for something. Especially when it’s a vehicle you’ve probably held dear to your heart for years.

So at The Scrappers [...]

Fast car sale today near me for most money

Where can I sell scrap metal for best price today near me?

With Christmas just around the corner, most folk would welcome saving extra bob or too for the festive season.

Even Santa is probably trying to tighten his belt this year with the extra fuel costs – good job he’s got Rudolf and the gang hey!

But if Santa ever did need a new sleigh, he could always scrap his current one with The Scrappers!

We will take any car, any van, any truck, any plant machine and any sleigh!

Plus we also buy all grades of metal – ferrous and non ferrous.

< [...]

Find a reliable scrap dealer near me

Who is the best scrap dealer in Manchester?

Have you ever asked, “where can I find a reliable scrap dealer near me?”

Or wondered where is the best scrapyard near me?

Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself, “who is the best scrap dealer in Manchester?”

Or even, “where is best to scrap my car Manchester way?” 

Well, if you’ve been searching for a reliable scrap dealer in Manchester you’ve come to the right place.

The Scrappers are based in Bolton, but it’s widely known we serve the whole of the North West region.

And right now demand for vehicles is at an all time high so we can reflect that in our scrap car payouts.

BIN T [...]

How can I scrap my old car fast online?

Scrap your car or van today with The Scrappers! 

Have you ever wondered, “how can I scrap my old car fast online?”

Scrap a Car Adlington

With a more tech savvy world than ever, you’ve probably considered whether scrapping pr selling an old car online is worthwhile. 

With The Scrappers it’s never been easier to scrap a car online. 

Why not take one first easy step and get a quote for your vehicle on our website right now. Just click this link and hey presto! 

You really [...]

Can I make more money selling my car for parts?

Where can I sell my car for parts near me?

We’re living in strange days.

And in these confusing and uncertain times, one thing is for sure – there’s never been a better time to part with that vehicle of yours.

Okay, so she might have seen better days, but to us she’ll still be worth her weight in metal!

That’s because there’s never been a better time to sell your old vehicle for spares and repairs.

Demand is at an all time high so why not make hay while the metal shines!

We are offering whopping deals for wheels, just take a look at the following: From £160 for small cars, £210 for medium and a minimum £260 for large vehicles and vans. We can even collect! 

Take adVANtage and CARsh in today!

Call us now on 01204 388488

You might be wondering,”why are The Scrappers able to offer me the most for my vehicle?”

The reason we can be so generous is

Scrap my car this weekend Manchester

We're ready when you are!

Eat, sleep, scrap, repeat!!

We may sound like a scratch record but sometimes you need to repeat yourself to get a message through!

The Scrappers need cars and we need them now!

The more the merrier in fact! In our eyes every car is a rockstar even if they’re getting over the hill!

Actually the over the hill motors, or the ones that are playing up, are right and dandy with us. So if you’ve reached a point with your vehicle where it’s the end and you need to scrap it pronto then have a word with The Scrappers!

We’re crystal clear on our current prices for vehicles, because we like to play square and fair. 

Let’s run you through [...]

How much can I get for scrapping a vehicle?

How much is my scrap car worth?

If you’ve got a vehicle you want to scrap, you’re probably thinking, “how much can I get for scrapping a vehicle?”

Maybe you want to know, “how much is my scrap car worth?”

Or if you’re a van owner, you could be wondering, “how much is my scrap van worth?”

So, rather than beating about the bush, we wanted to be direct.

Here’s what you can make for your scrap vehicle. 

We pay the best prices for scrap cars and vans. [...]

Best way to scrap my car

Scrap My Car Near Me

If you’ve never scrapped a car before you might be wondering, “what’s the best way to scrap my car?”

Perhaps you’re feeling a nervous about the prospect or uncertain of who to trust.

Don’t worry, with The Scrappers you’re in safe reliable hands.

We’ve been in the scrap vehicle industry for more than three decades and we are trusted name.

As a registered ATF (authorised treatment facility) you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re reducing your carbon footprint when you scrap your vehicle with is.

But not only that, you’ll also get a decent payout for your scrap car. So when you choose The Scrappers you are being kind to the environment and your bank balance!

If you live in the North West of England and you are wanting to, “scrap my car near me”, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Our drivers cover the whole region and can come and collect your vehicle