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If you are searching online using the term ‘I want to scrap my car’, then in this article The Scrappers team will explain how this is done.

Firstly, the laws covering the scrapping of vehicles have changed in recent years and there are some obligations you will need to meet.

If you have a Mercedes to scrap then congratulations on finding The Scrappers because we offer the best prices for your scrap car or van.

Whether your Mercedes is a write-off or is too expensive to repair, we are interested in taking it off your hands.

We will even arrange a collection so you don’t have to go to any trouble in delivering your unwanted vehicle to us – and we’ll pay cash when we do!

Essentially, if you have a Mercedes car or van to scrap, we are interested in (among other models!):

  • Mercedes A-Class
  • Mercedes B-Class
  • Mercedes C-Class
  • Mercedes E-Class
  • Mercedes M-Class
  • Mercedes GLK/CLK/AMG-GLE/ML/GLE – you get the idea!
Region’s leading car scrap yard

On top of these cars, as the region’s leading car scrap yard we also want your Mercedes van to scrap and again we offer good prices and can collect.

There’s no point wasting money on repairs for a van that may fail its MOT

When it comes to scrapping German cars there’s a strong demand for them which means The Scrappers will pay the best price for your vehicle.

In addition, The Scrappers can also pick up your unwanted German car wherever it is in the country and pay cash when doing so.

A network of collection agents offer a professional and friendly service and will be able to pick up your vehicle at a time that suits you.

When it comes to salvaging your car it pays to use professionals but it’s not just about earning the best price either.

Search online for a scrap yard dealing with German cars

That’s because when you search online for a scrap yard dealing with German cars you need one that is an authorised treatment facility.

An authorised treatment facility is a scrap yard that is monitored and licensed by the Environment Agency so they will deal with your car responsibly

It may not be your first consideration when thinking of scrapping your car but there is strong overseas demand for the UK’s scrap cars, which is why The Scrappers needs scrap engines for export.

The firm has built up a strong trade among overseas dealers to buy scrap cars as well as scrap car parts from the UK.

These parts are then used to repair cars in the countries where the exports are sent, including China, Ghana, Spain, Nigeria and Egypt plus others.

This means that The Scrappers are able to pay among the best prices for your scrap car because the engines are a particularly popular exporting item.

Scrap value of car

The scrap value of car will depend on the weight of the vehicle and the demand for the parts and if it’s a particular make, for example Mercedes, then it will command a premium because of overseas demand.

The Scrappers are able

If you are looking to sell or scrap your classic car, then the professionals at The Scrappers can help by offering the best prices.

In addition, your car can be picked up regardless of where you are in the country by a network of professional and reputable agents.

There may be several reasons why you are looking to scrap or sell your classic vehicle – it may have reached the end of its life or be simply too expensive to repair.

Whatever the reason, you could earn good money by selling your classic car for scrap.

Also, if you are tempted to sell your cherished vehicle on the open market, then it might be worth contacting The Scrappers to see how much they will offer for it and they can often collect on the same day.

Scrap car collection around the country

Indeed, this offer of scrap car collection around the country may be a

If you have a 4×4 for scrapping then it’s time to contact The Scrappers and let them pay the scrap value and take it off your hands.

Whether your much loved 4×4 is a non-runner, has failed its MOT or is simply clogging up the driveway, then it’s time to have it scrapped.

The Scrappers can pick up your 4×4 wherever you are in the country using a network of established and reputable agents.

In turn, they will pay cash on the spot and usually these will be the best prices available for scrapping your 4×4.

Best scrap car prices

You may be searching around several sites for the best scrap car prices, and that’s a good idea, but you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by simply calling The Scrappers first.

Even if you’re looking to sell your 4×4, it may be worth contacting The Scrappers to see how much they

There are lots of cheap cars bought and sold at The Scrappers every week of the year, and this service helps many people.

If you have a car that’s not worth a lot and you don’t fancy the hassle of selling it online or through a dealer, then gave The Scrappers a call to see how much it might be worth as scrap.

Its value might surprise you, particularly if it’s an in-demand vehicle from those wanting spare parts from it.

This also means that there’s a market for buying a car, particularly from overseas, which is why The Scrappers export lots of engines, car parts and cars to foreign buyers.

Scrap car prices do vary between scrapping firms

There’s no doubt too that scrap car prices do vary between scrapping firms, so you could spend time shopping around to find the best price for your unwanted vehicle.

Regardless of its condition, whether it’s a

While many of us are aware of distractions outside of the vehicle when  we are driving, such as cyclists and pedestrians, what do you know about the potential distractions inside the vehicle?

Well, that’s what we were thinking at The Scrappers – one of the UK’s leading scrapyards and vehicle breakers – as well and fortunately IAM RoadSmart has put together a list of five items that could cause a distraction when driving.

Smoking and vaping

First up is the issue of smoking and vaping while driving. For those who are driving, what happens if you drop your cigarette? What would your focus be and how will the smoke from your vape get in the way of your view of the road?


This is an interesting issue as a distraction since many people see a satnav as being helpful technology. But it’s also another item that causes us to focus less on the road

Scrapping your vehicle answers

If you are thinking about scrapping your car or van, then there may be questions you want to know the answers to before scrapping your vehicle. This article will help.

Most vehicle owners will be scrapping a car for a range of reasons but they will include the fact it’s no longer economical to repair it to become roadworthy or it simply cannot be repaired. Obviously, those vehicles involved in an accident will also be written-off and scrapped.

The easiest and simplest way of scrapping your car is to contact The Scrappers who will offer a price for the vehicle and then ensure it is disposed of legally and efficiently.

This last point cannot be stressed highly enough since unauthorised treatment facilities, that is scrap or breakers’ yards to you and me, may lead to your vehicle being scrapped illegally and leading to you appearing in court.

Things you need to do before scrapping your

Here at The Scrappers we have many years of experience when it comes to scrapping cars and vans and have established a network of agents around the UK to help us meet the demand for our vehicle scrapping expertise from customers.

There have been a lot of changes in recent years; the laws over scrapping vehicles have tightened and only scrapyards that are Authorised Treatment Facilities can, legally, process a car or van for scrapping.

This means that we have a legal obligation to ensure that the car or van is depolluted properly which means that oils, and also any petrol and antifreeze, are removed from the car and do not damage our environment.

There’s also a need to remove as much from the vehicle that can be recycled or reused and here at The Scrappers we have excellent relationships with overseas customers looking to buy spare parts such as gearboxes and engines from scrapped

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