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Catalytic Converter Theft


Catalytic Converter Theft


HERE is another casualty of increasingly common car crime – catalytic converter theft.

Also known as cat burglars, the problem has rapidly risen recently to over 600 percent, according to reports.

Catalytic converter theft

And last year London alone, saw nearly 3,000 cat converter robberies.

According to official stats, Kent, Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire and West Yorkshire are also cat theft hotspots.  

But it’s happening closer to home too, right here in Bolton. 

Motorist Rob had his cat con pinched while he was in work.


Fortunately Rob had the wisdom to get intouch with The Scrappers and have a replacement catalytic converter sorted straight away for his Mitsubishi Colt.

Rob told The Scrappers he knew something was afoot when he turned his vehicle’s engine on after his shift at work.

I was at work from 11am until 8pm so 11am was the last time I used it because obviously it was parked up,” said Rob.

“When it came to 8 at night I came outside, started my car and it made this really unhealthy noise. 

“So I checked underneath the car and it was just gone. Two clean cuts and the catalytic converter was gone.”


Rob got in touch with us this morning and within 20 minutes he was back on the road, a happy man again. 

He’s now hoping the robbers who took his petrol cat con will come unstuck – as there’s a chance their heartless antics were caught on camera.

“I phoned my boss today just to see if the incident was captured on CCTV,” said Rob. 

“He’s going to go through the footage and get back to me.”

Watch this space on this developing story as we will keep you up to date on any further findings.

Meanwhile Rob says he was very happy with The Scrappers prompt service. 

“The replacement took about 20 minutes,” he said. “Top marks for The Scrappers – 5/5.”

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