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Car Trouble in Trafford

Scrap A Car Trafford


Known for being the home of the best football team in the world, Trafford has a long history of being the best. And so have we, here at The Scrappers. We’re well known for being the best and biggest scrap yard in the North West. When you scrap a car Trafford, you can be sure that coming to The Scrappers will be the most efficient and eco-friendly way of scrapping. Scrap a car locally couldn’t be easier! We’re based in Bolton so can be with you within a couple of hours. When you scrap a car locally, you know that you’re getting the best deal.

Scrap a Car Locally

The Scrappers pays the best prices for scrap cars; we hands down beat any of our competitors. The price that you’re offered on the phone is the price you get when you have decided to scrap my car Trafford. We will pick your car up, free of charge at a time and place to suit you then bring it back to our Authorised Treatment Facility. Every vehicle is assessed before we scrap a car Trafford, our team of professionals make sure that every part that still has life in it is refurbished and cleaned, so that it can give life to another car. We then take out all the harmful chemicals that damage the environment so then it can be crushed.

Best deal if you scrap my car Trafford

If your car has failed its MOT, been in a bump or just come to the end of its life, and you think it’s definitely time to scrap my car Trafford, call today on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form. You’ll always get the best deal with The Scrappers.

scrap my car trafford
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