Car Scrapping 101

Scrapping your car can be a difficult business; your car is a huge part of your life after all. But if your car has been written off after an accident or engine problems, scrapping your car is probably the most effective route to take.
When you decide to scrap your car, the vehicles are disassembled professionally in the process and non-ferrous car parts are separated from the ferrous ones. The metal body or structure of the vehicle is then dismantled and recycled to be used again as workable metal or sell on as parts for other cars.

If your vehicle has been used beyond its life and has finally given up, it is probably about time that you take it to the scrap yard. If you have your doubts and questions about how the scrapping business works, let us eliminate your confusion and give you a brief overview.


To start with, you can contact your nearest trusted scrap car dealer and asking them about the details of how it works. All you have to do is give them a brief overview of what car, make and model you have and your location. After which, the dealer will arrange a time with you as to when the best possible time your scrap car can be collected. Some dealers, including us at The Scrappers will also provide free home collection service. When the car is picked up from your chosen location, the collection service professional then gives you a cheque and makes all the arrangements for the paperwork to be dealt with, including your CoD (Certificate of Destruction)


The car scrapping process does not only conserve energy by recycling scrap metal but it is also environmentally friendly. The UK environmental agency is strict about the laws, rules and regulations regarding disposal and waste and most scrap car dealers adhere strictly to these policies. The government provides the dealers with a license number with a permission to carry out waste management activities. Therefore, it is always better to check your dealer for this number to make sure they are legally registered.

Role of DVLA

For obtaining a Certificate of Destruction, you can either contact the Driving Vehicle & Licensing Agency directly or ask the dealer to do it for you on your behalf. Here at The Scrappers we deal with all of that for you so you need not worry.  It is necessary to inform DVLA when your car has been scrapped because it acts as an official proof of the fact that your car no longer exists on paper. If something crops up later regarding your vehicle after it has been scrapped and you haven’t informed the DVLA, you will be considered responsible for the consequences and charged accordingly

Whenever you go for scrapping, always keep the car’s logbook along with a proof of your identification such as your driving license or a passport handy.The scrap dealers will need to confirm that the vehicle actually belongs to you before collecting it.

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