Car Salvage Yard Manchester

Car Salvage Yard Manchester

How do you salvage something that is beyond repair? How can a car with a completely busted engine help anyone? Well, here at The Scrappers, that’s our forte. We buy crap cars for cash and salvage the parts to help others get back on the road and the metals to help save the environment. Call us what you like, scrap yard, junk yard, wreck yard, car breakers; our number one aim is to salvage as many cars as possible.
If you’re sat in another part of the country, and don’t think you can scrap at a car salvage yard Manchester, think again. The Scrappers has expanded to become a national car salvage collectors, with scrap car collection agents working locally on our behalf. Your local agent will then remove your car and bring it back to our car salvage yard Manchester.

Which Parts Will Be Salvaged?

Dependant on the condition of your car, and which parts are in a good working order, we will always aim to salvage up to 90%. This will include parts, which will be sold on at a highly discounted price. As one of the leading late model breakers in the UK, we have thousands of parts in stock for all makes and models, which have been cleaned and reconditioned by the most skilled brokers in the country.
Choosing the right salvage yard is very important as not all parts in a car, such as the fluids can be recycled and used again. Therefore, choosing a car salvage yard Manchester, which has been approved by the Environment Agency is of the highest importance. The Scrappers is an Authorised Treatment Facility, adept at dealing with all stages of End Of Life Vehicles.

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Which Parts Will Not Be Salvaged?

Obviously, the cause of concern within a salvage car is the part that has caused it to break down, fail an MOT or has been damaged in an accident. Therefore, we will dispose of this part/s as and where necessary. Some of the fluids, such as the oil and coolant must be drained and disposed of as well. And here at The Scrappers, the number one car salvage yard Manchester, we only work in partnership with the very best disposal experts, who will remove the potentially harmful chemicals.

Scrap A Car For Cash Today

Not only are we dedicated to making sure that all scrap cars are treated properly, we will also work out a time and place, to suit you, in which our scrap car collection agent can collect your car. On most occasions, we can be with you the very same day, and if not it will be no later than the following day, and we can get to work recycling it.
Call 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form to send a request to scrap cars for cash to the team at our car salvage yard Manchester right now.