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Most of us have unwittingly mowed down a hedgehog or squirrel while driving, but would you stop the car, collect your victim and eat him for tea that night?!
Well the new president of the RSPB reckons we should be chowing down on roadkill!
Miranda Krestovnikoff wants the great British public to follow her lead and nibble on rat, fox and badger.
She told The Sunday Telegraph, ‘We are obsessed by sell by dates and things like that. But roadkill can be eaten very hygienically. People are too squeamish.’

As leading car breakers in Bolton, we’d probably prefer to eat a car instead of what ends up on its tyres! So with this in mind The Scrappers, the nation’s favourite car scrap yard, thought we’d put a motoring menu together.
See if this lot tickles your taste buds!

Roast lamb-ourghini
Car-ma ham
Van na cotta
Horse-power radish
Beef M W
Chips and dip-stick
Porsche crackling
Bangers and mash
OK perhaps we’re better off serving up the best quality used car parts and paying the best prices for scrap cars.
We also collect a scrap car for free so you don’t have to worry about causing any roadkill.
We pay cash on pick up too, just have your paperwork to hand.
As leaders in second hand car parts we stock hundreds of components, just  let us know what you need and we will be glad to help.
So if you’re looking for a tasty deal when it comes to scrapping a car or buying parts, look no further then The Scrappers. You’ll get a mouth-watering deal leaving you with money to buy a decent slap up meal.