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Car Batteries Supply & Fit – Just £20

Has the winter battered your battery?

Drivers take batteries for granted, but without a fully functioning battery, your car won’t start. Battery failure is the most common reason for breakdowns in the UK. This is because the battery is the part of a car that kicks the engine into life, without it, the car doesn’t have the energy to drive. Each winter adds strain to your cars battery, as the weather becomes colder and harsher; the car requires more power to start, and to use additional features such as the heater and the wipers. It is recommended that you replace the battery in your car every 3-5 years.

Here at The Scrappers, we supply and fit car batteries for just £20! Any car, any battery, the price remains the same. Unlike other companies, where your battery is either supplied or fitted, we do both! So if you’re battery is acting dodgy or you’ve needed jump leads to start your car this morning, pop into the yard for a new car battery.

Expert Battery Fitting

We have convenient opening hours, including Saturday and Sunday, and stock many kinds of car battery. Our professional team, will ensure that your old, run down battery is removed properly, and that your new battery is fitted to the highest specifications.

Get your car back on the road for £20, when you choose The Scrappers to supply and fit your battery. Our trusted technicians will get to work straight away, so that you can drive away as soon as possible. We have a café onsite, so you can go and get a cuppa while you wait!

Our customers are important to us, so each battery comes with a 28 days warranty. If you’re not completely happy, you can come back and have the battery changed, free of charge. Whether it’s winter or summer, batteries are important, so make sure you have a good working one in your motor.

Call us today for £20 car battery supply and fit, on 01204 388 488. Or fill in the form for parts.