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Can I sell my MOT failure?

Should I sell my car



It’s been back-to-back busy for back to work businesses.

Trades like hair salons and mechanics have been bombarded with customers since lockdown eased.

Coronavirus meant many motorists had to delay their vehicle’s MOT and servicing as garages were forced to close their doors during the pandemic. 

This has now meant a massive backlog of MOTs and other mechanical issues needing to be dealt with quickly as possible. That’s because the 1st August was the deadline when MOTs were mandatory again.


For some motorists that sudden rush may also spell crunch-time for their present car. It could led them to ask themselves, “is now the time I should scrap my car?” Or they could be wondering, “should I sell my car,”.

So if it’s something you’re still thinking about why not consider a number of whether it is time to scrap a vehicle. 

If it’s going to cost you more to fix your car than it’s worth, then that can be a very valid reason to scrap a car. So why not call The Scrappers? 01204388488

Nobody wants to be chucking money away, especially not in the current climate when the economy is vulnerable.  

Therefore a smart financial move can mean scrapping a car is the best bet for your wallet. 

You may have had a prang and your vehicle is now a write-off, again not all is lost as that vehicle can be scrapped.

There will be parts of the car that are still in working order and would do well to be used in another vehicle.

So scrapping a car isn’t just about giving you some guaranteed money. The Scrappers always pay a premium. But it’s also about recycling. Or why visit them online here

When you part ways with your vehicle and scrap it, there are many components of that car or van or truck or bike that will come in handy in other vehicles. 


And when all those parts are stripped out of the actual body of the car, the pieces that won’t be used on other cars, are shedded up and sent off to be melted and made into something else. 

The car scrapping industry is at the forefront of recycling. It’s amazing to think that something that was under a car, like a catalytic converter, could end up one day as a dentistry tool!

But it does happen, that’s the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!

Yes The Scrappers love the scrap car industry because it really is recycling at it’s best.

An end of life vehicle for scrap will become something else in another life. 

You can’t say that about all industries.


So if you’re deciding you want to scrap a car Bolton or scrap a car nationwide, call The Scrappers. If you want to scrap a van Bolton, scrap a van nationwide – why not take the smart step and choose the Scrappers – Metro Salvage. They’re a Bolton breakers yard and Bolton used car parts depot who cater to the nations. The Scrappers are your local scrap yard – no matter where you are positioned in this country. You may be thinking, “can I sell my MOT failure?”, even. 

Remember you can always rely on The Scrappers. They will collect your scrap vehicle for free and pay you the best price. The payment will go into your bank account and you will be issued with a certificate proving your car was taken to a reputable treatment facility where it is recycled according to government standards which is critical if you want to save the planet like The Scrappers team do.

Call today 01204 388488 or click the car here 🚘