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Can I scrap my car in lockdown?

Let's have a scrap!

BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS – there’s a lot of it going on right now as we try to figure out what’s to do for the best in the current climate. 

With local lockdowns springing up here and there looking pretty likely for some time it can be hard to plan what’s for the best.
It’s no wonder the coronavirus pandemic has got us all feeling a bit lost. Speaking of lost, who remembers the days before sat navs and smartphones?
When we had to rely on good old fashioned map reading!


For some it was a breeze, second nature to figure out how to get from A to B. But for others it was stuff of nightmares, usually resulting in a mini breakdown behind the wheel. Luckily technology has stepped in for those who have a terrible sense of direction. It can help those who struggle with map reading, unless they can’t grasp a smartphone either!!

For those types of people it’s always best to have someone who knows the way sitting right next to you in the passenger seat! However, if areas are going into regional lockdowns there won’t be much opportunity to drive anywhere and get lost anyway!

At the time of writing it was announced that Bolton, home of Britain’s best breakers yard The Scrappers will be closing down pubs and restaurants. Takeouts will still be available but going to the boozer won’t be for the foreseeable.



As a breakers yard in Bolton but serving the nation, we will remain open as we operate outdoors and we also conduct a lot of business via our website. 
We understand that currently many of us feel lost and confused with what’s happening. But we want all our customers to know that we are open for business as usual.

We want to reassure everyone that we are practising social distancing and ensuring the best scrap yard in Bolton, the northwest and the UK is safe. 
However, anyone that is worried about the virus but in need of car repairs or car parts to keep their car on the road then don’t hesitate to ask.
Your well-being and your vehicle safety is paramount to us. So if you think your vehicle needs attention, or the tyres need looking at please don’t put these things off because of the current climate and risk driving a car that isn’t safe.
The same applies to anyone who wants to scrap a car Bolton, scrap a car Manchester, scrap a car Bury. Or anyone thinking ‘can I scrap my car in lockdown?’ The answer is yes you can scrap your car in lockdown. Our vehicle collection agents will not have to come into your home to handle the relevant paperwork, they remain outside at a social distance.
And they take you scrap car or scrap van to The Scrappers salvage yard in Bolton – so you don’t have to worry about coming in or finding the way!
You will receive a decent payout for your vehicle and then you can use that money for whatever you see fit. Just to point out we have a great range of used cars for sale. They are in cracking condition and at great affordable prices. So why not let us help you find a replacement vehicle, because we know our way around cars!
So don’t be in the dark, let The Scrappers sort you for affordable used car parts in Bolton and beyond as we ship parts out. 
Let us give you the best price for your old vehicle and why not see what great second hand cars for sale in Bolton and nationwide we have! Find your way with The Scrappers! 
Call 01204388488.