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Search online using ‘scrap my vehicle’

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Get paid the best price when scrapping your car in the UK

When you search online using ‘scrap my vehicle’, you really should be using an authorised treatment facility which means that the scrapyard is monitored by the Environment Agency.

This will bring peace of mind that your car is being disposed of in a legal way and not damaging our environment.

That might not be the case if you use an unlicensed scrapyard because there’s no guarantee that they are not damaging the environment and you will not get a certificate of destruction.

It’s this certificate that is proof that you have disposed of your car legally and are no longer responsible for it.

Imagine getting what you think is a cracking price for your scrap car or van and then having speeding and parking tickets land on your doormat because you will still be legally responsible for them. It’s not worth the bother.

The best money for scrap cars

This means the best money for scrap cars is available from the professionals at The Scrappers and they can pick up your car at a time that suits you from around the UK.

That’s because The Scrappers have a network of reputable and friendly agents who can pick up your vehicle and pay instantly into your bank account.

This last point is really important because it’s now illegal to offer cash for a scrap vehicle so if someone offers you a handful of crisp tenners for handing over your vehicle, you will be breaking the law.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that The Scrappers have a great reputation as late model breakers so if your car is not that old, then there’s a premium to enjoy because there is a strong demand for the spare parts from that vehicle.

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