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Used Engines Bolton

If you’re based in our home town, and need to buy used engines Bolton, why not get in touch with Bolton’s leading breaker today? We have hundreds of used car engines, in fantastic conditions, which will help you get your car back on the road or complete that rebuild you’ve been attempting. We have engine specialists working to make sure that we have a wide variety of clean, working, used engines, so that each and every customer gets the thing that they need.

Engines are the main component of any car, and if you have a faulty engine, it may just be the case that your car has or will stop working. Haven’t different parts of the engine fixed is sometimes futile, when here at The Scrappers, we can replace the full engine for a discounted price.

If you have been thinking about scrapping your car due to irreparable engine problems, why not check first with us whether we have a working engine in stock for your make and model of car? Replacing the engine, instead of buying a new car will save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. What’s more, you could get many more years out of your motor.

Discount When You Buy A Used Engine

If you buy a used engine Bolton today, we have a fitting service here at The Scrappers for a small extra price, which will ensure that your engine is fitted perfect in your car. If however, you already have a mechanic on board, you can arrange a collection of your engine or we will use our courier services to deliver it to a location of your choosing.

Buy used engines Bolton has never been easier. Every engine comes with a thirty day warranty, subjects to terms and conditions, so you can feel secure purchasing the most important part of a car from us. All you have to do is call the team at The Scrappers on 01204 388 488 or send the team an engine request.

Handy Engine Tips

  • Change Your Oil Regularly
  • Use The Recommended Oil
  • Don’t Let Your Engine Overheat
  • Make Sure There Is Water
  • Make Sure The Engine Parts Are In A Good Order, Including The Timing Belt
  • Avoid Overusing The Engine
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