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DID you realise that not drinking enough water and driving could be as dangerous as driving drunk?!

Water view – stay hydrated

Being severely dehydrated could be as disastrous as knocking back alcohol while at the wheel, a study found.

Motorists especially at risk are long-distance commuters, cabbies, delivery men and truckers who spend log spells behind the wheel.

To maximise their earnings, such drivers drink less in a bid to avoid time-consuming toilet breaks, but the practise could prove to be dangerous.

Drinking too little water can be just as hazardous as gulping alcohol while at the wheel, leading to potentially catastrophic dehydration.

So if you’re a worker, a long distance commuters or a driver who spend extra time in their vehicles don’t jeopardise toilet breaks by avoiding fluid intake.

A study conducted back in 2015, highlighted the problem.

Researchers at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University tested drivers who had limited their fluid intake before driving.


Detailing the effects of alcohol consumption and driving while tired, the study said there are “other factors that drivers should be aware of to maintain attention and vigilance.

“In conclusion, the results of this exploratory study suggest that mild dehydration, induced through a short-term period of fluid restriction, produced a significant increase in minor driving errors during a prolonged, monotonous drive, compared to that observed while performing the same task in a hydrated condition,” revealed lead author Phillip Watson.

That’s why taking frequent breaks when on a long journey is so important.

And having a bottle of water in your vehicle when you drive is as wise as having fuel in your tank!

It makes you wonder how many road traffic accidents could have been partially linked to a motorist being dehydrated with reduced levels of focus.

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