Buy A Used Car Bolton

Buy A Used Car Bolton

Take the hassle out of buying a quality used car and come down to The Scrappers.

We have cars to suit everyone, from bargain hunters to buyers with bulkier wallets. Buying a used car from The Scrappers guarantees quality, and each and every day we have a new batch of cars, ready to sell one.

Whatever your budget, we have a great range of used car for sale, as well as vans and trucks, and if you pop down to us to buy a used car Bolton today, we can save you loads of cash. From high end, luxury cars, such as BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and Jaguars, to first cars such as Fords, Vauxhalls and Fiats, we will more than likely have the perfect car for you.

Many Second Hand Cars In Stock

We have a fast turnover vehicles, meaning that once a car arrives at our yard, it doesn’t stay for very long. Knowing that each and every day we’ll have a new batch of cars for your perusal, you should keep an eye on our Facebook page, where each car is listed every day.

There isn’t any other place where you can buy a used car Bolton for the same price as you’d get here. Most of our cars sell for less that £1000, and many of them come with MOT! With second hand cars, it is important to make sure that you check them for quality. Here at The Scrappers, you can be sure that the car will always have been checked before being sold on.

Used Motor Sales

We have some cracking deals on all makes and models, what’s more, we have some real classics pass through the gates of our yard. Each car that we sell comes with a 28 day warranty, so if you’re not completely happy, you can bring the car back to us. We want to get you a cracking deal when you choose The Scrappers to buy a used car Bolton.

So, why not get a new motor for yourself today, all 01204 388 488 to see what we have in stock, or visit our Facebook page.

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