Business owners in London urged to scrap polluting vehicles

The introduction of the ultra low emission zone (Ulez) in central London means that the owners of polluting older vans and cars face the prospect of hefty charges when entering the zone.

Failure to pay the £24 a day charge means they could be hit with a £160 fine – reduced to £80 if paid within 14 days. You can enter your vehicle’s registration number on the Travel for London’s Ulez site to find out whether it is liable for the extra charge.

The extra levy means that driving into the centre of the capital is an expensive undertaking and means that small business owners particularly may be looking to invest in a new vehicle to avoid these charges and fines.

If this applies to you, then it’s a good idea to contact The Scrappers who will be able to offer the best scrapping price for your unwanted van or car and arrange for a professional scrapping agent to pick-up your vehicle at a time to suit you.

Scrap polluting vehicles
If the Ulez scheme is affecting you as a business owner in London then consider The Scrappers to scrap polluting vehicles and earn money – call 01204 388488.

Paying the scrap money directly into your bank

By paying the scrap money directly into your bank account means you can then invest in a newer vehicle that complies with the new regulations.

For those who live in London but don’t drive into the centre then you need to be aware that the Ulez will be extended on 25 October 2021 to inner London – and then extended again to the entire capital as a ‘low emission zone’.

It makes sense to act now and enjoy the best scrap vehicle prices for your old vehicle – and deal with a friendly firm of scrappers who pay the best prices to help you not waste time shopping around for a better deal.

It’s also reassuring to know that the car or van will be scrapped in an environmentally-friendly way so it’s effectively depolluted without harming our environment and many of the parts that can be reused will be.

This means that the engine from a scrap vehicle will be sent overseas to a growing list of happy customers along with various spare parts – though The Scrappers also has a thriving used car and van parts business which helps explain why they pay the best scrap vehicle prices.

The Scrappers pay the best scrap price

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