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Bump And Grind

It’s refusing to stay in gear, the burning smell is rancid and you have no idea where that clunking noise is coming from. There is only one diagnosis, your gearbox is on its way out.

They’re pretty reliable, gearboxes and will last a long while, but if you’re unsure, don’t delay in getting it sorted. Don’t let it get worse, don’t put it off, come to The Scrappers and get a refurbished gearbox.

We stock a wide range of gearboxes, for all makes and models, for manual and automatic cars. And please be assured that all of our salvaged parts for cars are in a clean, working order.

We know that a new gearbox can be an expensive buy, but here at The Scrappers we do aim to sell our wide range of car parts at the best possible prices and our car parts specialists will match your car to its perfect gearbox.

We are Bolton’s no.1 salvage and breaker, so why go anywhere else. Situated just outside of Bolton town center we are accessible from anywhere in the North West. So if you live in Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire, West Yorkshire, Cumbria or Merseyside, come along and have a look for yourself at the thousands of car parts we stock. Or, if you would prefer, we offer a shipping service nationwide.