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Scrap My Car Bristol

Scrap A Car Bristol

Are you looking to scrap a car Bristol? If so come to Scrap A Car Locally, where we will pay the best prices for your old car. If you believe your car has come to the end of its life, bring it to us, we’ll take it off your hands and pay the best prices for it. We pride ourselves on having one of the best scrapping services in the UK, and with over 20 years of experience at the very forefront of innovation in the industry, you can be sure that you are scrapping with the best. We are trustworthy and reputable and we have many happy customers returning to take advantage of our fantastic scrap a car Bristol service.

If you do choose to scrap a car Bristol, you must make sure that the dealer is trustworthy. It is now illegal to pay for scrap cars with cash, due to new government legislation, so we find that our customers prefer cheque. This means that on collection, which is free, our driver will pay you by cheque, which is guaranteed up to £10’000. What’s more, as part of our fantastic service, we will sort all the DVLA paperwork for you and there are never any hidden charges. We make sure that the collection time and location suits you, so why not give us a call right now.


Scrap A Van Bristol

For whatever vehicle you have we will take it off your hands. So if you have a car, motorbike, caravan or if you need to scrap a van Bristol, we will always come and collect it for free. We will take any van off your hands including Ford Transit’s, Citroen Berlingo’s and Renault Kangoo’s, whatever the size of the van you have, we can always come and get it. When you come to scrap a van Bristol or scrap a car Bristol, we will make sure that up to 90% of the vehicle is recycled. We are an Authorised Treatment Facility, approved by the Environment Agency, so we really know our stuff about recycling. The vehicle, when it comes into our yard will be depolluted, meaning all the chemicals and fluids and hazardous materials are removed and disposed of safely. We then strip the car, and all the parts that are taken out, that are in a good working order are cleaned and refurbished so that they can be used again. Finally, the car is crushed, and the metal that is left, can go to making other cars.


Used Car Parts

We have parts for all makes and models of cars and vans, here at Scrap A Car Locally, so why not get in touch to see if we can help get your car back on the road. We have full engines and reconditioned gearboxes, along with electrical parts, used batteries and interior and exterior body parts. What’s more the parts we sell are always up to 50% cheaper than if you were to go to the manufacturer. So why not give us a call today to buy used car parts or to scrap a car Bristol, on 01204 388 488.