Brandon Wright Bolton College – Work Experience (2017)

the scrappersHello and welcome to my blog entry. I will start of by introducing myself:
I am Brandon Wright currently 19 and go to Bolton College and study IT. I am here today at The Scrappers to do work experience. I have watched the TV show so was pretty excited to know that I will be working here doing IT related work with people I recognise through the TV Show. (Which by the way is a pretty entertaining TV Show). I am here completing 30 hours and I have to record it in a booklet I have been given by Bolton College.


This is my first day here and the introduction was given by David Brownwnrigg. He went through the introduction with us while throwing in a bit of humour here and there to make it less boring when he was giving the introduction. We had a chat about IT as that is his speciality to. After that he gave us a quick tour and then sent us off to work on the blog you are currently reading.

The IT skill i have that might be useful here is Website Design, Photoshop, Hardware and Software Maintenance.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog entry I appreciate it if you made it this far.

Can’t wait for the week ahead!

Brandon Wright!