Bolton Scrap Car Collection

Bolton Scrap Car Collection


As our home town, we will literally buy any scrap a car Bolton. Not matter the make and model of your car, we will take it off your hands. There is nothing worse than your car breaking down, being written off or not starting, but if it is causing you heaps of problems, why not come to us to scrap my car Bolton today. We are the no.1 late car salvage yard in the North West, we’d be surprised if you lived in Bolton and didn’t know about us. We scrap all kinds of cars, from Fiat to Ferrari, from Toyota to Triumph. Whatever you have, we will take it off your hands. Even if the car isn’t starting, we can always winch your car onto the back of our wagon.

We have drivers on the road at all times of the day, so we will always arrange a collection time to suit your needs. We will always collect your car free of charge and pay you by company cheque when the driver arrives. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and personal service, as we know that your car is special to you. When you scrap a car Bolton with Scrap A Car Locally you can always be sure that our driver will try and help you out with any enquiries you may have.

Scrap My Van Bolton

If you have a van or motorbike, which you want rid of, our services also include scrap my van Bolton. If you have a Ford Transit or a Renault Kangoo, we can come a pick the van up from you. Whatever the size of van you have, we will always pay the best prices for it. We calculate the price of your scrap a van Bolton by the weight of it, and we make sure that our prices are up to date as the prices of scrap metal changes every day. When you call our team you can receive a free and honest evaluation of your vehicle, which will hands down beat any of our competitors in the Bolton area.

We promise to deal with all the DVLA paperwork for you, and there are never any hidden charges when you scrap my van Bolton. which means that once we have collected your car, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the money we pay.



Scrap my car Bolton is all about recycling. It’s doing your bit for the environment.  The parts that are still in good working order can be used in other cars; what’s left is crushed into scrap and gets a new lease of life in industry. So what is your old heap of junk, can be somebodies sparkly new motor tomorrow. Why not do your bit for the environment, earn some money and enjoy!

Scrap a car Bolton today and reap the rewards.