Cameron Sharrock Bolton College Work Experience – 2017

As a part of the ICT course that I am on its necessary to do a maximum of 30 hours of work experience, I was chosen to work for a week here at Metro Salvage in the offices helping out with website optimization as well as other ICT needs. For the first day (2/5/17) I have been tasked to create this entry to give an insight on what I will be doing here as apart of the team. For the first day besides from creating this entry I will help promote “The Scrappers” by providing images of the working environment as well as videos and other media that can be used for their Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms that they use to promote.

Before I was tasked to create this entry I was given an induction as well as health and safety talk, In the induction I was introduced to The Scrappers and a little about their history and what goes on around the scrap yard. With the health and safety talk we went over the procedures of what to do in the event of a fire as well as where all the necessary exits are located. In addition to this we also went over the hygiene standards and cleaning regulations letting us know that of we are to see any mess or anything unclean that it should be reported.

The Scrappers (Metro Salvage) have a history for being on TV as they where approached by the BBC to be featured in a documentary for six months documenting the world of scrapping

Once we went over the induction/ Health and Safety we was then given a tour of the scrapyard explaining what was going on in certain areas as well as introducing us to the staff that where working there at the time, light humor was thrown in here and there giving off a welcoming vibe. We where shown the scrapping in action and explained the hazards associated with it. Once the tour was over we where sent back to the offices to begin work on this blog that we are creating and getting familiar with the computer systems.

It should be noticed that when we where being given our induction we where also joined by two other young lads who where also on a work placement, they where Technician students who will be taught how to operate the machines. It goes to show that here at Metro Salvage there are different opportunities that are available for work including working in the offices, in the scrapyard and who knows what else!

Metro Salvage has its history for being known on TV. They where approached by a television production company to be apart of a documentary that would take a look at life in the scrapyard and the boss’s personal life. It was intended to show the more friendly side of the scrapping world with a show that is driven by a successful family business. As a result of the show Metro Salvage is well known in Bolton for not only being a scrapyard but one that was featured on TV. Below is a link to the first episode of series 1.

The Scrappers Promotional Image

The Scrappers Worker


"Scrappers" S01 E01