Jamie Ainsworth Bolton College Work Experience – 2017

As part of Bolton college, doing a BTEC Level 3 course in Computing, I have been assigned work experience for one week, here at Metro Salvage. I will be working with the IT side of the business by helping out with social media. the website and computer optimization. Today (2nd May 2017) is the first day of my placement, I have been informed about the health and safety regulations and shown around the work site. Today, I will be helping promote “The Scrappers” by creating content for the social media pages, with the use of images and videos, which could show what it’s like inside the scrapyard.

When I was taken around the scrapyard and shown what each area is for and what it does, I got to see where the scrap cars are stored and where they get torn apart. Each area has it’s safety procedures because without them there would be a safety hazard and could harm anyone who’s not careful. But as I’m working with the computer side of things, I wont be interacting with those areas. When I first arrived, I was greeted politely and then was informed about all the health and safety and then went over some risk assessments which gave me a better understanding on all the potential risks in the workplace.

As an IT student I have developed skills with graphic design, software optimization, how to build, repair and dismantle a computer system. With these skills I can help design content for companies, whether it be for a website or advertisement on social media. I can also hep optimize a system that is underperforming compared to how it used to run, in terms of speed and consistency. And also knowing how to build and dismantle a computer can help upgrade or scrap components which have died or just are no longer required.

As well as me and another IT student, there are also two other students who are also doing a work placement at Metro salvage. Those two students are working with the mechanical side of the business and will be working with the cars and gaining experience towards working with vehicles.

There even was a TV show called “Scrappers” which had 2 seasons with 6 episodes each. If you are interested in finding out more about Metro salvage then I’d suggest you’d give the show a go. I have embedded the second episodes of the first season so you can give it watch without having to go find it yourself.

Scrap metal being cleaned up

The Scrappers Season 1 Episode 2