Bolton College Mechanics Work Experience – 2017

Two young men from Bolton College started their work experience today as mechanics who will help out with the repairing of cars as well as learning how to do other practical tasks within the busy and industrial working environment. This blog will be documenting what they have been up to today and what they will be continuing to be doing throughout the week, images will be provided to show and document their progress.

We where introduced to Micheal on behalf of AEO (Auto Electrician Online) who was in charge of the activities that the young mechanics where apart of, whose names are Eddie and Mohamed. AEO is an extension of Metro Salvage and they are responsible for repairing electrical faults with the cars and make sure they are up to scratch and fit for MOT. As a result the young mechanics where hard at work replacing parts of the car and operating on it, this ranged from the removals of the wheels to the replacement of the break paddles. They got the full experience and where left to operate on the car in their own time like they had years already in the making.

As the two lads where getting along with their work they told me about how they had future plans on working in the motor industry working with the Super cars of the future (as well as their own dream cars!) Like always health and safety where taken very seriously and as a result they enjoyed themselves, they made the job look very easy and good on them too.