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BMW Car Scrap Yards


We are not sugarcoating today’s post, in fact we’re being brutally honest here…

Sometimes the scrap industry can fill you with raw emotion.

Often people aren’t just selling their car or scrapping it because it’s seen far better days. 

From time to time it’s for the plain stark reason they need the money.

We have, over time, had people who come to us and said, “I need to scrap my car” and it’s because they’ve needed the money desperately. 

That car, for some, has been their home. They’ve literally lived in their vehicle.

Sadly it happens; people live in their cars and they have to part company with their motor for the money. 

They end up leaving all their worldly goods in their vehicles sometimes too, things like clothes and blankets. 

We do pay them the best price for a scrap car and then you watch them go off into the big wide world with only the clothes on their back. It’s heartbreaking. 

You end up wondering what happened to the person to end up with nothing. It’s very sad. 


But one time at The Scrappers there was a guy living in a car. He was sneaking in and living there, inside the vehicle – good job it wasn’t about to go in the crusher.

The chap was a sound lad and our big chief Terry gave him a job on the scrap yard in Bolton.

He ended up staying with The Scrappers team for a while, until he fancied pastures new, but he got back on his feet again, which was lovely to see. 

Yes, you certainly see all sorts in this industry. There is never a dull day, that’s for sure. 

The same goes for the range of vehicles that come in for scrap. We get any make and model you can imagine.

We get quite a few Vauxhall motors coming in, but we are not just Vauxhall car breakers, however we have all the Vauxhall used parts, cleaned up and in good working order.

Cars like Nissan Leaf scrap cars, we get Mercedes scrap yard finds, we get Vauxhall scrap car. 

People come to us if they’re looking for BMW car scrap yards, for BMW engines and BMW used parts

Others often ask us, “where is a Honda scrap yard near me?” So we tell them, “hey we have an enormous range of Honda reconditioned engines and Honda used parts.”


With us being such a vast and versatile breakers yard, we have still managed to keep that friendly family vibe.

People visit us far and wide to scrap a car or get that all important quality used car part they need.

Just remember if you want to scrap a car Bolton and well away from here, we are the team for you. We collect your scrap car for free and pay the money right into your bank account. Then we hand you a certificate of destruction proving you have scrapped your car legally and safely. We are WAMITAB certified too. Safety first. Always.

You never know, you might end up getting a job with us in the process too!

Did you know we also buys cars at our sister site.

So, whatever your reasons to part ways with your vehicle, come and get the best price for it and call on us.

Call (01204) 388488. Visit our website here