Scrap A Mitsubishi Manchester

Scrap A Shogun Manchester

CALLING all Mitsubishi owners, do you want to scrap a Mitsubishi Manchester way?

Have you got an outlander that’s running out of time?

Or is the show over over for your Shogun?

Are you constantly kidding yourself that your Mirage is worth keeping hold of?

Or maybe there is no light at the end of the tunnel for your Eclipse. 

Maybe you have an ASX and you’d like to ask how much you’d get for it.

Or your L200 just doesn’t want to keep on trucking anymore.

Whatever model of Mitsubishi The Scrappers want to hear from you.

We buy cars, vans, trucks and even lorries – just look at this big old Mitsubishi Canter that’s come into our Bolton scrapyard this week – we’ll break her and make use of her useful parts!

So if you’ve woken up today ad thought, “where can I scrap a Shogun Manchester?”, contact us.

Or you may be

Would you like to sell a scrap vehicle for the best price?

Have you ever wondered, “who are the best payers for scrap cars Manchester?”

If so, have you considered Manchester’s friendly little neighbour just down the road?

We’re talking Bolton of course!

If you want to scrap a car Manchester for best price why not give The Scrappers a ring.

We are literally just down the lane from Manchester and we really do make the best offers for scrap cars and vans and truck too.

The Scrappers like to see customers crack a smile, happy their once believed vehicle is off to pastures new – scrap car heaven.

Because we are one of the biggest scrap car recycling plants in the North West our aim is to recycle as much of a vehicle as possible. 


Sell A Saab Manchester

We buy any Saab

HOW you doing? What’s Saab? Used Saab 9-3 parts

Do you have an old Saab that’s making you sob your heart out?

Are its finer days way behind it?

Then you need to con [...]

Sell My Car For Export Bolton

Scrap a BMW for most money Bolton

THE SCRAPPERS have just loaded ‘n’ locked another container full of car parts which will be making their way to Egypt. blank

It’s just one of our ever growing destinations which we export to.

We also send out to Spain and parts of Africa including Ghana.

If you’ve come across The Scrappers site and you live overseas and would like to work with us, please do get in touch.

We might be based in Bolton in the North West of England but our services reach far wider.

The scrap and salvage business is an exciting global industry that brings the world together.

At th [...]

Scrap My Car Cheshire

Scrap My BMW Wilmslow

THE Scrappers are always ready for business come rain or shine. blank

While the weather remains questionable, one thing you can be certain of is we’re open seven days a week.

The North West’s friendliest scrap and salvage yard serving Bolton, Manchester, Bury, Blackburn, Preston, Wilmslow, Cheshire and beyond.

So if you’ve decided you want to scrap your car and you’re thinking, “where can I scrap my car Cheshire way” contact us.

It’s the same story if you live in Blackburn, for example. You might be thinking, “where can I scrap my car Blackburn way,” just contact The Scrappers.

We are based in Bolton, but we stretch far and wide and if it’s a certain make or model we’ll come even further out to you.

You may live in Bury and have [...]

Sell A Damaged Mercedes Benz A Class Manchester

Scrap A Mercedes S Class Bolton

CALLING all Mercedes drivers, is your Merc driving you round the Benz?!

Has it seen better days for whatever reason?

Perhaps you want to sell a damaged Mercedes Benz A Class Manchester way but you’re not sure where to turn.

Then let The Scrappers steer you in the right direction.

For example, you may have woken up thinking, “I want to scrap damaged V Class Marco Polo Bolton way, then contact us.

Or, you could be musing, “where can I scrap my Mercedes Benz EQC near me?” we can sort that!

Alternatively you may want to scrap a Merc G Class SUV Manchester today as it’s seen better days. Not a problem, that’s where The Scrappers come in.

Perhaps you have a damaged Mercedes CLA Manchester and it’s time to get rid – talk to us.

If you want to scrap a CLA for the best price or if any of the above applies to

Scrap My Volvo Manchester

Scrap A Volvo Bolton

VOLVOS – reliable, durable, built for the long haul. sell my volvo

But even Volvos can give up the ghost and go wrong.

And repairs can be costly too! Sometimes it’s a case of no longer wanting to chuck good money after bad which makes entire sense after all!

So, if you want to scrap a Volvo Bolton way, then you should speak to The Scrappers.

The Scrappers want to hear from anyone wanting to scrap a Volvo today. You may be thinking, “where can I scrap my Volvo Manchester?” That’s where we can help.

You may want to scrap a V40 Manchester way, call The Scrappers.

We take any Volvo and operate a free collection service throughout the North West.

The Scrappers also want any make or model of Volvo.

You may want to scrap a damaged

Scrap A Suzuki Manchester

Scrap a Suzuki Bolton

CALLING all Suzuki vehicle owners.. blank

Has your Suzuki seen better days?

Does your Across get you cross because it doesn’t start?

Perhaps your Ignis is failing to ignite your life.

Maybe your Swace is lacking pace barely getting your from A to B.


Or is your Swift refusing to shift and you’re feeling miffed.

Or your Vitara may be leaving you bitter because it’s not hitting the right note.

Then maybe it’s time to scrap a Suzuki Manchester. Or if you live in The Scrappers hometown of Bolton, it could be time to scrap a Suzuki Bolton.

The Scrappers will buy any Suzuki, in any condition.

You may want to scrap a Suzuki Vitara M [...]

Scrap A Vauxhall Manchester

Scrap A Vauxhall Bolton

CALLING all VAUXHALL owners, is your Corsa on course for destruction? blank

Scrap A Kia Bolton

Scrap My Kia Picanto Manchester

GOOD day folks, now listen here – have you got a scrap Kia? blank

Has you Kia run out to cheer, is it stressing you out and driving you with fear?

OK, we’ll stop with the naff rhyming now! But listen up,  if you want to scrap a Kia Bolton way you should contact The Scrappers.

You may have woken up today and decided that today is the day to get shut of your Kia car.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking, “where can I scrap my Kia Sorento”, call The Scrappers and find out. 

Or you may be thinking, “where can I scrap my Kia Stonic?” contact us!.


You could be wondering, “where can I scrap my Kia Picanto Manchester way?” we can handle it for you.

We may be based in