Stress free way to sell a car near me

Places to sell my car today

So you’ve decided you need to sell a car fast for the best price today.

No more faffing about, you need to make a quick sale. 

You might be wanting to sell my car today Bolton way for example, then no worries you’re one the right page.

Or if you want to scrap my car Manchester, then you have found us.

Or you may live in Salford and you need to scrap my car Salford – then let The Scrappers help.

We have one of the largest scrap yards in the UK and we service all of the North West.

So if you want to scrap my car Wilmslow, The Scrappers can help.

If you want to scrap my car Liverpool, just ask The Scrappers.

You may want to scrap my car Blackpool, not a problem for

Sell my BMW 3 Series Bolton

Where can I sell my car today?

Most folk will know The Scrappers as a leading scrapyard in the North West of England. blank

But that’s not all we do.

Metro Car Sales is our vehicle sales arm and we get some great affordable runners in the forecourt. 

If you’re looking to buy an affordable car Bolton way why not check us out.

Plus we are always looking to add to our stock so if you have a car you want to sell why not sell it to us. 

Metro Car Sales can offer you an extremely competitive price for your vehicle. 

And our dealership can also find you a cracking [...]

Best payers for scrap cars near me

Scrap a car Manchester today

Wanted: cars, dead or alive.

The Scrappers need cars and we need car today!

Runner and non-runners. Accident damaged cars, high mileage vehicles like taxis and MOT failures please.

We buy any car North West way and we pay great prices too.

So if you want to scrap a car Manchester today, for example then get in touch with us.

You may be hunting for the “best payers for scrap cars near me” and if so, talk to us.

The Scrappers will buy any car in any condition because they love all vehicles.

Vehicle will be welcome with open arms in the form of Gloria our grabbing machine.


She will rip and tear into a scrap car so that the metal can be shipped off to be recycled. 

But before any of that happens, if there are useful parts of your car, say a wing mirror for example we can recycle it.

Motor cars; what a belting invention. blank

When they run like a dream, there’s nothing finer than cruising down the road with a sense of ease and comfort.

But when they start to clap out, wow don’t we just know about it. Or if you’re unfortunate to have accident they can be a complete write-off.

And for ones that continue to run there’s hefty repair bills. Or praying it’ll get you from to A to B, can issues can take their toll on stress levels.

And when things finally do pack up at least you can take comfort in knowing that The Scrappers buy any car.

It doesn’t if you want to sell a write-off car Bolton way.

Nor does it matter if you’re thinking “sell my MOT failure Audi Bolton way” for example.

You may want to

Is There A Scrapyard Near Me?

Where can I scrap my car local?

If you’re wanting to scrap a vehicle, chances are you’ll be looking to scrap local. blank

After all, it makes sense to scrap a car locally.

You might be wondering, “where can I scrap my car local?”

Or, “is there a scrapyard near me?”

The Scrappers can help you scrap local as we buy any car in your region.

And because we cover the whole of the north-west we are able to offer free scrap c [...]

How much is a scrap car worth?

Where can I scrap my car Bolton?

If you’ve never scrapped a car before but you reckon it’s time to give your old vehicle the heave ho, you may have a few questions.

Scrap a Car Adlington

You may be wondering how much will a scrapyard pay for a car.

You might want to know how much do you get for scrapping a car UK.

Or you could even be wondering “what should I remove from my car before I scrap it.”

You could on the other hand think “ [...]

Sell my car for cash Manchester

Sell my car for cash Bolton

Have you been thinking any of the following… blank

I need to scrap my car today. Where can I sell my car near me? Who will buy my car today?

Sell my car for cash Bolton. Sell my car for cash Manchester.

Or perhaps you live in Preston and you need to sell my car for cash Preston.

Or if you’re in Bury and you need to sell my car for cash Bury.

Then you’ve come to the right place! The Scrappers – 01204 388488.

You may be a van driver but you need to sell a van for cash today Bolton,

Or you live in Manchester and you need to sell a van for cash today Manchester.

Or you may be wondering, “where can I sell my van near me?”

It might be the case that you

Who buys damaged cars?


BOTLON’S best known scrapyard has helped create the backdrop for a trendy news arts and street food space in neighbouring Manchester.blank

The Scrappers has supplied vehicles and vehicle parts for the exciting new entertainment area which opened its doors on Friday.

Homeground has taken inspiration from scrapyards like ours in Waterloo Street and made it the setting for the social venue located in First Street.

It means someone’s one treasured chariot is now helping to set the scene for revellers wh [...]

Best Scrap Car Prices Manchester

Sell your scrap car in Manchester

ARE you wondering what the best scrap car prices Manchester way currently are? blank

Perhaps you’re wanting to sell your scrap car in Manchester.

You may have been hunting to ‘scrap my car Manchester’ and wondered who gives the best price quoted. 

You may also be wondering who offers free scrap car collection and quick scrap car collection Manchester way.

Or if you can simply ‘scrap my car anywhere’. You may also want to know where are the best cash quotes in Manchester for your scrap car.

Alternatively you might be just down the road in Bury. And you may be thinking where can I scrap my car Bury, Manchester? Or you might be hoping for the best prices and an instant cash quote with free collection for a scrap vehicle. 

If want to know where the best

Scrap My Prius Bolton

Scrap A Toyota Prius Manchester

If YOU’RE a Toyota driver and you want to scrap a Prius Bolton way try us! blank

The Scrappers want to hear from anyone who wants to scrap a Toyota Prius Manchester way too.

In fact it’s not just a ‘scrap my Prius Bolton’ types we want, we are also after the ‘sell my Prius Bolton’ variety too! 

We are all ears if you have a Toyota Prius for sale Manchester way or if you have a Toyota Prius for sale Bolton way too.

If you have decided today is the day to part with your Prius – then try us! 

If you’re asking yourself “where to sell my Prius?” make contacting The Scrappers at the top of your to-do list.

If youR [...]