If you’re considering selling your car, have you thought about selling it for export?

The Scrappers need cars for export and are willing to pay a premium for them.

That means you can get a better price for your vehicle if you are selling it for export.

You see, the Scrappers have linked up with various countries that they export to.

This includes Spain, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal and Slovakia to name a few.

The Scrappers like to operate on a global scale while still being Bolton’s best salvage yard too.

You don’t have to reside in Boton to sell a car for export. You can live anywhere in [...]

Paws up if you’re a Jaguar fan!

We certainly are. When British craftsmanship gets its right, boy does it smash it! Sell my Jaguar

That’s why The Scrappers are firm believers in keeping classic cars alive.

If you have a classic car, that has seen far better days and has been sat in your drive or garage withering away there is a solution – The Scrappers.

Please don’t think a classic car will be tossed on the scrap heap. Perish the thought!

No, instead what happens is our network of car lovers and classic car appreciators will want to breathe new lif [...]

This gigantic truck is being loaded for Senegal in Western Africa.

Dozens and dozens of engines and other car parts will be making their way on a 2,777 miles trip from our Bolton salvage yard. blank

It usually takes a day to load up a 40ft container like this but it’s worth it, not just because of the monetary benefits but also because these engines are going to one of the poorest countries in Africa, and the world.

Hopefully these engines will in some way help people. By getting them on the road or by generating some [...]

How to sell a car fast in Manchester


As the world battles coronavirus and closer to home local lockdowns and partial lockdowns limit our capacity to move about as much – deliveries and mail orders are soaring in popularity. blank

And it’s no surprise that has been the case with The Scrappers and their online used car parts sales.

Why go out and hunt a part down when it can be done in the comfort of your home?

With the colder weather, dark mornings and dark nig [...]

Sell my engine


The scrap vehicle game is a hotbed of activity. Used engine Bolton

Literally blink and you’ll miss a piece of the action.

And that’s just how the Scrappers team want it.

It’s fast and it’s furious and you have to stay on your toes.

A huge chunk of The Scrappers time is spent stripping out parts like engines, for example.

These engines often go to other parts of the world. Exporting engines is a critical part of the scrap industry. One of the Scrappers main engine exporters is currently Spain.

But recently they have been branching out to other corners of the globe too including Lithuania, Ghana, Slovakia and South Africa.

And they are always looking to expand. 🌎

So, The Scrappers need engines. All types of engines, [...]

Who buys alloys Bolton?

Taking it Slo… 🇸🇰

Business at The Scrappers is Slo…

Business at The Scrappers is Slovakian!!!

Britain’s best salvage yard The Scrappers have opened up a new business pathway with a Slovakian company who are buying engines.

This week the team filled a giant truck bound for Slovakia full of engines.

It marks another country the Scrappers are now exporting too. In fact one of their mantras has always been, that The Scrappers Metro Salvage is everyone’s local scrap yard on a global scale!!

This latest business arrangement marks another eventful week in The Scrappers yard.

Bossman Terry Walker explains: “It’s exciting to conduct business on a global scale and in these difficult times brings the world together.

“We are always looking to export engines, cars, car parts to other parts of the world and welcome any new business opportunities.”

The Scrappers already export to places like Spain, Ghana and Lithuania.

It’s a global enterprise is the car scrap

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Who is best to scrap my car with?


There’s usually a point in every motorist’s life when they are faced with the dilemma of, ‘who is best to scrap my car with?’ blank

It can be a very important decision with a few factors to consider: Sometimes you want to go for the place nearest you, but do they pay the best?

Maybe not as much as you could get for it elsewhere. To get the best price for a scrap car why not go to the best in town, and that is the scrappers.

The Scrappe [...]

Where can I sell my classic car?

Keep Classics Alive
A couple of weeks ago this little beauty came into our yard – an MG Midget.  She had certainly seen better days and years standing on a driveway had taken their toll on the little trooper turning her into a rust bucket. blank But the good news is she’s been saved!! The 1966 classic car has been snapped up by a buyer down south who plans to restore this beautiful sports car to her to her former glory. He’s also taken the pal she met in the yard… a millennium Mini! It’s nice to see the new motor mates go off together! Eventually little Midget will go on to be a dream car for someone.. as will her Mini mate. But begs the question, if you could have any care what would it be? Would it be a car like these two? Or would you opt for something