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You might cherish your car or van since it’s been a reliable vehicle but what happens when it reaches the end of the road and needs to be scrapped?

Well, here at The Scrappers we are experts and happy to help you scrap your vehicle and ensure that it is disposed of responsibly.

Indeed, everyone scrapping their car or van should use a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) because we are monitored and have to comply with various environmental laws.

Also, not using an authorised treatment facility could lead to you being prosecuted for not doing so.

Our work involves depolluting the scrapped vehicle so we drain harmful fluids, including the oil, from the vehicle to make sure it does not poison the ground.

Most of the scrapped car can be recycled

However, most of the scrapped car can be recycled with the non-ferrous and ferrous metals being removed for melting down, while some of

It has been revealed that if the UK replaces all of the 10-year-old and older diesel cars, then fuel consumption could fall by 173 million gallons.

But that’s not all; diesel particulates will fall by 970,000 kg and NOx emissions of 8.2 million kilograms.

The findings from Kwik Fit highlight the potential from removing the oldest diesel cars from our roads which currently cover around 30 billion miles every year.

The firm says that there are around 3.47 million diesel cars still going and they rack-up an average of 8,676 miles every year.

Switch from old diesels to a new vehicle

They have calculated that since average fuel economy has improved for new diesel cars, the total savings from those who switch from old diesels to a new vehicle would be around £948 million every year.

Kwik Fit say there would also be a reduction in the amount of HGV traffic since the UK needs

For many people of a certain age, they are the cars we grew up with in the 1990s but they are now, according to researchers, on the brink of extinction.

The findings from Honest John Classics reveals that many of the popular cars from that decade are about to follow retail giants like Woolworths into oblivion.

The cars are now dying out and in the last 12 months, researchers say, around 28,000 modern classic cars have been scrapped.

This means that the popular Rover 400, Vauxhall Cavalier and the Citroen Saxo are all dying out.

Now, the website is predicting that this rate of extinction will increase during 2018 as the popular car scrappage schemes continue.

The top 10 bestsellers of 25 years ago

They even say that from the top 10 bestsellers of 25 years ago, the survival rate of those cars is less than 1%.

In one example, researchers say that in 2016,

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s article about UK car scrappage schemes being extended, two major players have also announced they are extending their schemes.

The first sees Audi announcing its scrappage incentive will run until March 31 and could see a financial contribution being made of between £2,000 and £8,000, depending on the model being bought.

There’s also extra money available for their plug-in hybrid models.

Those are excellent financial incentives and the offer is being made for any pre-2010 diesel model to exchange for an Audi EU6-compliant diesel, petrol or hybrid vehicle.

The UK’s car scrappage schemes have proved to be very successful with some, particularly BMW, referring to their schemes as a ‘lower emissions allowance’.

Manufacturers who have unveiled car scrappage schemes

All of the manufacturers who have unveiled car scrappage schemes want to remove polluting older vehicles from our roads with some schemes offering cars registered as late as 2011 to

The UK’s car scrappage schemes began last year and have proved to be so popular that many of the major car makers have decided to continue with them.

The latest car firms to reveal they are extending their scheme include Seat who say their scheme will run until 31 March.

They want the owners of older cars to scrap them and switch to Euro 6 compliant vehicles that have lower emissions.

As an enticement, Seat is offering up to £3,500 off new diesel and petrol models from their range; these models should be ordered by 31 March and registered by 30 June. The vehicle being traded-in will be scrapped.

In return, for those scrapping their vehicle will see £1,500 taken from price of the Seat Mii, £2,500 given against the price of an Ibiza, the Leon is eligible for a £3,500 deduction while the Toledo will benefit from £3,000.

Dacia announced it is extending its
Picture of a claw picking up a piece of scrap metal from a heap of parts

Everyone knows that we scrap cars here, and most people will know that doing so creates scrap metal. What fewer people might know, however, is what happens to that scrap metal after it’s been produced. That’s why we’re taking a look at some of the everyday uses for scrap metal in this, our latest blog post.

The Scrappers Ltd have written a blog post before about the environmental benefits of metal recycling, but here we’re delving a little deeper into some of the alternative uses for the leftover metals.


In packaging

This point is probably the most obvious one we’re going to make, but scrap metal is constantly being reused in packaging for a variety of products. Aluminum is frequently used for drinks cans, for example, even if the idea that you’re drinking out of someone’s car seems a little odd!


On the construction site

A number of metals commonly found in

The Scrappers Ltd have put together a list of winter driving tips

While we’re all for people coming to us with their old, dysfunctional vehicles, we’re also firmly in favour of safe driving. The last thing we want is to hear from someone who’s been involved in a crash this winter.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of winter driving tips to help keep you safe on the roads during the festive season. Breaking down in the middle of winter is, for many people, far worse than doing so at any other time of year. Unfortunately, it’s generally more common for your car to experience issues in the depths of winter.

Follow our list of winter driving tips below to ensure you stay safe.

Stock up

You’re going to need plenty of handy bits and bobs in car during the colder months. For example, travelling in sub-zero temperatures without an ice scraper, de-icer spray, or adequate screenwash is asking for trouble. The first two items

Scrap your car for cash

Is your car or van ready for the big car park in the sky and are you looking to scrap it for cash?

If so, the friendly team at The Scrappers want to hear from you because they offer the best prices and as an authorised facility they will be able to dispose of your car legally and in an environmentally friendly way.

Indeed, if you are looking to scrap your car for cash then the process is relatively easy.

It also needs to be appreciated that an officially recognised scrapyard, or authorised treatment facility, should be used. That’s because they have been licensed by the Environment Agency and you will be breaking the law by taking your car somewhere that isn’t registered.

Check that the scrapyard you will be using is licensed

Always check that the scrapyard you will be using is licensed. Also, ensure that you tell the DVLA that your car has

Upgrade your van

It’s a really enticing prospect for those running old vans and many may be wondering whether it is now time to upgrade your van?

That’s because there are some excellent van scrappage schemes currently in progress from the leading manufacturers including Citroen, Renault, Volkswagen and Mercedes.

While their offerings vary, Citroen and Renault are offering up to £7,000 off a brand-new van; VW is offering £2,000.

Obviously, these are great sales tactics to boost sales with great money-off deals they are only available until the end of December.

The aim of manufacturers, including Ford, is to create an incentive for van owners to buy a van that’s EU 6 compliant.

Upgrade your van with a scrappage scheme

Under most of the schemes, you could upgrade your van under a scrappage scheme but it will need to be registered before 2010 but generally van owners can scrap any make or model of a van that is

VW Golf is scrap schemes most popular

There’s no doubt that the growing popularity of car scrappage schemes In the UK has proved to be a hit with drivers on one website helping to reveal which makes and models drivers are scrapping.

With all 17 car manufacturers offering a scrappage scheme there’s a wide choice schemes available and drivers scrapping their vehicle looking for a discount on a new model.

But with so many offers from so many manufacturers, finding the right deal is more difficult which is why one car website unveiled a tool to help drivers.

The tool enables a car owner to find out how much they would get in cash for scrapping their car through a recognised scheme.

It’s not just a cash incentive that is attracting drivers to scrap their cars, there’s also growing fears about the environmental impact of diesel vehicles.

In addition, some diesel vehicles may have to pay more to travel into the centre

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