Anyone who is thrifty will agree; why buy new when you can buy quality second hand?! And never has a truer word been spoken when it comes to the salvage business. Replacing a broken or worn car part with a quality used part makes sense. It saves oodles of money and is better for the environment too. As we all start to tighten our belts riding out an uncertain financial future, saving money where you can makes perfect sense. And The Scrappers can help you do just that. Whether you are local and live near the Bolton vehicle salvage yard, or if you live far away – The Scrappers can always help. They provide a shipping service on all used car parts, and that’s quality used car parts that have been cleaned, checked and tested. It’s so simple to search online for the part you

Can I scrap my car in lockdown?

Let's have a scrap!
BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS – there’s a lot of it going on right now as we try to figure out what’s to do for the best in the current climate.  blank

With local lockdowns springing up here and there looking pretty likely for some time it can be hard to plan what’s for the best.
It’s no wonder the coronavirus pandemic has got us all feeling a bit lost. Speaking of lost, who remembers the days before sat navs and smartphones?
When we had to rely on good old fashioned map reading! For some it was a breeze, second nature to figure out how to get from A to B. But for others it was stuff of nightmares, usually resulting in a mini breakdown behind the wheel. Luckily technology has stepped in for those who have a terrible sense of direction or struggle with map reading,

If you’re not a singer but like to belt out a tune from time to time, there’s no two better places for it  – the shower and the car!

Admit it, even if you’ve got a voice that would crack a wing mirror who doesn’t enjoy singing from the top of their lungs occasionally – especially if no one else is in the car with you.

blank The Scrappers – music to motorists ears!


And oddly enough, singing might even make you a happier and healthier driver and here’s why:

Apparently scientists have said that singing has a calming but energising effect on people.

Singing is a natural antidepressant, according to a report in Time magazine and may release happy mind vibes known as endorphins which are linked to feelings of pleasure. Singing can also release a

How quick is it to scrap a car?


Being a scrap car collection agent is a bit like being a touring rockstar in a heavy metal band – without the groupies!

One minutes we’re collecting cars in Preston, the next we might be in Prestatyn!

It’s a great way to tour the nation and meet smashing people along the way.

And although it’s a different form of heavy metal to the likes of ACDC and Black Sabbath – we still get a buzz loading cars on our collection truck and bringing the heavy metal back to our yard!

And just like a fair few of the legendary rockers, the vehicles we collect can be a bit knackered and worse for wear.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still life in them!

Very often other parts of these vehicles are still in great nick and can go on and rock another day in another motor.

It’s a bit like when you hear some songs

Who pays most for scrap vehicles Manchester?


As we enter autumn, colder weather and darker nights are but a blustery leaf or two away. It’s also the time to book our cars in for their winter service.

blank  All Good Under The Hood

After all, you want to make sure everything is running smoothly so you can drive smoothly without distractions.

A car that runs without agro is bound to keep you in a happier mood than one that conks out and is ready for The Scrappers yard!

But have you ever thought about the ways in how your mood might affect your driving skills?

And the triggers that can make you a more distracted driver?

The Scrappers team have put together a few scenarios where you should probably take some action or a couple of minutes of time-out before getting behind the

Feast your eyes on this classic MG Midget.  blank

She was bought over a decade ago by Donna Woods and her husband who both have a penchant for old classic cars. They found the 1966 beauty on popular auction site eBay and had planned to restore the racing green beauty to her former glory. But as with so many things, life and work got in the way and the stunner ended up stationary in the driveway gradually rusting over and wasting away. “We bought it off eBay from a chap who had been restoring it and he got arthritis in his hands and he couldn’t do it anymore and had top sell it on,” explained Donna. “So we bought if off him with the intention of carrying on his work but unfortunately our work just took over and we never got fully round to it.” Fortunately the
The school run, a joy for many – a nightmare for many more! blank

Parking, traffic jams, rushing to get the kids in class on time all play their role in adding pressure to this morning event!

After so many months of not having to do the school run due to the pandemic, this week and next week parents across the UK will be back in the driving seat or the school run again.

And before we know it winter will be drawing in and the dark nights that come with it will too.

The dark mornings won’t be far off also.

Don’t forget to be extra vigilant and look out for kids crossing as pupils return to the classroom.

You may be preparing to do the school run again, checking your vehicle is in good order – something many parents haven’t done

What’s the value of my car?


PUB curfews and social bubbles are coming into play meaning some of us will be will have to be very selective about when and where we can have a drinky poo or two. blank

Have you ever thought what it would be like if The Scrappers were to open their own pub or bar – would it be known as the Scrap Bar?!

On the menu would be plenty of [...]

Where can I sell my Audi fast?

Storms, floods, sudden heatwaves… British weather… at its best!  blank How do Audi!


They all take a toll on our spirits at times – and our vehicles! Naturally as a scrap car company we do see a number of flood damaged vehicles. Most of which we have to go out and retrieve. It’s upsetting and frustrating for the driver but that is why – at the end of the day –  we have insurance for the unexpected. If your vehicle has weather damage don’t forget who you can contact – The Scrappers! They will take any type of weather damaged car or van, from flood damaged to tree battered cars to ones that have been corroded by the sea. They take accident damaged cars, insurance write offs. They take any car and van at all. With the end of the month fast approaching it’ll be the end of road

I want to sell my van quickly



Judging by the change in weather, autumn is on the way!

blank Not Fiat for purpose!

The nights will be closing in earlier than they have been. That damp old bone chill will soon return.

In a way, considering the year we’ve had so far, is anyone even bothered that summer’s nearly over?

Nah, neither are we! 😆

In fact The Scrappers are looking forward to autumn and winter and the cosier times ahead the colder seasons bring.

It’s always a good idea to get your car serviced before winter kicks in and make sure you’re safe on the roads for whatever the weather chucks at you.

And you may also be thinking, ‘actually I want t [...]