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On a scale of one to ten, we’ve gotta say our job satisfaction rating scores a full ten out of ten. Top points all the way!

It’s especially rewarding when we load a truck full of car parts for export.

This lorry, pictured here, is heading to Egypt packed with components that will come in handy for other vehicles over there.

It’s recycling at its best and so satisfying to see things not going to waste.


It’s also the reason why The Scrappers can pay over the odds when it comes to parting with your car. We are able to offer you more because we can export parts of a vehicle even if as a whole it’s a lost cause. A crumpled and battered bodywork might still contain the engine of an ox, you see. This means The Scrappers can carefully extract that engine and see that it

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Where can I sell my bicycle Bolton?

There’s five highway code changes on driving near cyclists that you might have heard about.

If not, we’ll run through them..

Cyclists will be allowed to drive in the middle of a lane, just like a vehicle. 

If they have a buddy, then the cyclists should ride next to each other. In other words, two abreast. 

And if as a motorist, you want to overtake a cyclist, you’ve got to give 5ft of room before doing so.

But even though cycle lanes have been created far and wide, cyclists are not obliged to use these lanes, even when they’re present.

And cyclists will also have priority when cars are turning on either side of the vehicle. 

These new rules seem to be giving cyclists more say in when it comes to being on the road. 

But some critics have argued that it may prove to be more dangerous and fear an increase in accidents. Time

How to scrap a car that won’t start Bolton

How to scrap a car that won't start Manchester

Right now, most of us are tightening our belts as prices hike up.

And that’s why budgeting and being smart with money matters.

If you’re looking to earn a few extra bob you could always sell or scrap your vehicle with The Scrappers. 

We are always on the hunt for scrap cars, vans, bikes and trucks. So if you’re selling, The Scrappers are buying!

Maybe you’re busy at work during the day and you’re looking to “scrap my car at night”.

Or you might be wondering, “can I scrap my car at night?” That’s not a problem for The Scrappers as we operate on a 24/7 basis. 

You might be wondering, “when should I scrap my car?” we can help you out with that.


Or you might be asking yourself, “what do I need to do before scrapping my car?”  Just let The Scrappers help you out.

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Need reasons to choose The Scrappers?

Well, here’s a few reasons to begin with. And exactly why you should go with the nation’s friendliest scrapyard and salvage team!

We have thousands of car and van parts for sale and we pay top prices for all vehicles. 

Plus we have bargains on all tyres and alloys. Wanna know the reason why? Because we also run a used tyre department! 

And did you know we also run a breakdown recovery service, so if you’ve broken down we can come to town and save you.

Another great service we provide is free local deliveries on quality used car parts.So if you’re local to the Bolton area, bingo – you’re in clover!

But for anyone who lives further afield, fear not. We can ship parts out to you for a far and reasonable fee. After all, we take pride in helping people save money whilst recycling at the

Best paying scrap dealer in Manchester

Best scrapyard in Manchester

Winter, it can drag on and on and on.

The long dark nights and the cold weather can make it miserable.

But here’s something to warm your cockles and spirit. You can get rid of your vehicle in under 24 hours and get the best payout with The Scrappers.

We even do the collecting, so you don’t have to move a muscle apart from picking up the phone and dialing 01204 388488. Or if you prefer, you can hit us up online.

It’s really easy to scrap a car online today for best price with The Scrappers. Just enter a few straightforward details and you’ll get a quote in seconds flat.

And if you accept, our team will arrange the most suitable time for you to come and collect you vehicle.

The Scrappers buy cars, vans, motorbikes, trucks and even plant machinery.

If it’s metal, we want to know about it! And with over

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Best scrapyard in the North West

There comes a time when every vehicle is ready for the knackers yard. Well the scrapyard!

Cars and vans that have served you well, all of a sudden ain’t serving you no more.

And when that time comes, who you gonna call? The Scrappers of course!

We”l make use of the rest bucket or accident damaged vehicle. 

You’d be surprised how much of a car or van we can recycle. 

So that’s why scrapping your car with The Scrappers is as green a move as you can make.

We take your vehicle, we de-pollute it, take out all the fuels and liquids that could potentially be environmentally damaging, first. Then we strip that beauty done, making most of the parts that can be reused.


You’d be surprised where those parts end up. A lot of the time we export all over the world. 

That’s right, your old engine

Sell my van Bolton today best price

We buy any car in Bolton and in the North West

Come on now, let’s be having you.

Are you the owner of a piece of junk vehicle?

Is it time to wave that rust bucket goodbye? 

Has the new year, new you, new vehicle mantra started playing in your head?

Well, you know what to do – get rid of hot with The Scrappers.

We don’t just take scrap vehicles, we buy running vehicles too. So if you’re selling, The Scrappers are buying.

So if for example you want to “sell my van Bolton today best price” then get in touch.

You see, The Scrappers are after vans and cars and trucks and bikes. All vehicles to be fair.

So this means we don’t just buy your average car, we are after all sorts.

You may want to “sell my Ford Bolton today best price”, fantastic we’ll take it off your hands. 

At The Scrappers, we buy any car in Bolton and in the

Scrap my damaged car Bolton today

Scrap my car Bolton today

So here we are. A new year, near gear perhaps?

If your old one has clapped out! 

The Scrappers want to wish everyone a happy 2022 and let’s see how we crack on this year.

If you’ve not started the new year like you’d hoped, perhaps we can help.

If your current vehicle is letting you down badly, or perhaps you had a prang and it’s ready for the scrap heap, talk to us.

We are open and collecting scrap vehicles while paying the best prices going. 

So if you want to scrap a damaged van Bolton today, let us help.

Or if you want to scrap my damaged car Bolton today, great stuff we can help you out.

Right now, demand for scrap vehicles is huge and that’s why you can get the best payout going. 

All you have to do is either give us a call on 01204 388488 or go online

Where can I scrap my car before New Years Day near me?

Have I got time to scrap my car before 2022?

Yikes! Another year almost over, while 2022 waits in the wings.

Who knows what comes our way next year… 

At least you can rely on one thing, The Scrappers are here for you, just like we have been for over the past 35 years.

So if you need to scrap a vehicle, but used car parts or even sell scrap metal – there’s still time to cash in before Big Ben strikes midnight on Dec 31st!

And if you’re reading this after NYE, worry not. The Scrappers are open for business.

Apart from closing on New Years Day, we will be ready to serve you whatever your scrapyard needs.

If you’re looking to earn some money before 2022, you can get in touch with us now. Call us up on 01204 388488 and tell us about your scrap car or van.

So if you’ve been wondering, “have I got time to scrap my car

Where can I sell my used car Bolton

I need to scrap my car today Bolton

Come on, let’s be having you! 

The Scrappers are on a massive drive for more scrap vehicles.

We want cars, vans, buses, trucks, motorbikes and plant machinery. Oh, and we’ll take your scrap metal too. That means we pay the best prices going for ferrous and non-ferrous metal. So what are you waiting for!

There’s still plenty of time to scrap a car Bolton way and get a decent payout before Christmas. 

If you’ve been searching for the best scrapyard in the North West of England – you need The Scrappers.

We serve the whole region and we can come and collect your scrap vehicle and your scrap metal too. Why not reach out to us online or by calling 01204 388488. 


The Scrappers also sell quality used car parts in the North West and actually we stretch beyond that perimeter. 

We actually ship many used car