Scrap My Accident Damaged Range Rover Manchester

Best prices pair for MOT failure cars

THE Scrappers have one of the biggest car recycling and salvage yards in the north of the UK based in sunny Bolton.

We can cater to motorist’s scrap car needs for miles around.

As a general rule we take scrap cars from around a 50 miles radius. But, occasionally we do go out further afield too.

So if you want to scrap a car it’s always worth bearing The Scrappers in mind, no matter where you’re based.

And it’s really simple to get a quote for a scrap vehicle using our nifty online car value calculator. Or why not have a friendly chit-chat with a team member online.

It’s not just scrap cars we are after either, we buy scrap vans, scrap trucks, scrap motorbikes. We buy scrap taxis, scrap busses, the old boat even makes an

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HAVE you ever dreamed of driving a Porsche or another fancy model? You may have done so without knowing it!

Don’t worry, you weren’t sleepdriving behind the wheel and have no recollection of the incident. You are not losing your mind!

You could have driven in a fancy car while awake, certainly part of a fancy car anyway. 

Did you know a whopping 75 percent of a car can be recycled?

The chances are the car you’re driving could well have been another make or model of vehicle in its former life. 

Cars, vans, trucks, busses, any automobile you can think of, is the most recycled product in the world.


Millions of tonnes of recycled steel is retrieved from vehicles every year, vehicles that have seen better days.

Scrap vehicles can include accident damaged vehicles, so if that fancy Porsche had a nasty prang which can’t be fixed it would

Where Can I Scrap My Car Bury?

Scrap A Car In Bury

MOTORISTS will be chuffed that during the latest budget announcement fuel duty is sticking at 57.95p per litre.

scrap cars at a Bolton breakers yard

Scrap or sell us your motorhome! blank

That’s right, you heard us correctly! 

We will take your motorhome or caravan off your hands if you no longer want it.

Perhaps you want to scrap a motorhome and you’ve been wondering, “where can I scrap my motorhome?”.  Or “where can I scrap my caravan?” may be playing on your mind.

Then we have the solution, scrap a caravan, scrap a motorhome, or scrap a [...]

Sell My Classic Car For Cash

It's Not Over For This Rover

The Scrappers isn’t solely a scrapyard, we’re a salvage yard too. This means that whenever we can save a vehicle, we damn right well will!

Take classic cars, for example, that have been left to deteriorate over the years. You’d be surprised how often we get wrecks coming on. Barn-yard finds, neglected-on-the-driveway finds, cooped-up-in-a-garage-for-years finds. You name it, we’ve found it.

If we at The Scrappers ever do come across an oldies goldies gem we ensure that it gets the restoration it deserves. Sometimes we undertake the work ourselves as there is nothing more rewarding than restoring a car back to it’s former glory. Other times it’ll go off to a particular classic car restorer who focuses specifically on restoring certain makes and models. 

This 1980’s Rover 800, for example, came into us after giving up the ghost long ago and is now on its way to a chap in Bury. It’ll get an

Are Scrapyards Open During Lockdown?

How we are staying safe

MANY customers are asking; “are scrapyards open during lockdown?” blank

The answer is yes, we are open for all your motoring needs from scrapping a vehicle, to obtaining quality used car parts.

Do you need to scrap a car during lockdown? Why not choose The Scrappers, we’re putting your safety first.

We are sticking to safety guidelines so that our customers and staff are kept protected in this pandemic [...]

Our VANuary bonanza continues with gusto. blank

Make no mistake about it, we are obsessed with vans! And we want you to take adVANtage too!

That’s why we offer top dough for your van, should you want to sell a van Bolton, or sell a van further away. Our services stretch further than our Bolton salvage yard. Our van sale or van scrap payouts are spectacular too, not just in January, but all year round. 

Selling or scrapping your van with an authorised treatment facility (ATF) like we are makes sense. Not only will we pay you well, but will also put your mind at ease that your van is in safe hands. That’s because we are a trusted salvage yard. This means useful parts are recycled so you are doing a great thing for the

Let’s not beat about the bush, January is a long dreary month – even when life is ‘normal’. blank

Thirty-one days of the same old, same old. The majority of us are skint from the aftermath of Christmas and there isn’t a great deal to look forward to.

So we, The Scrappers, have decided to scrap January and rename it VANuary!

And VANuary is a top notch month to enjoy because we want to buy your van – either for scrap or as a sell-on.

If you have a van that’s a runner and you want to sell a van quickly in Bolton or further afield, look no further afield! Come to The Scrappers. 

The Scrappers always pay the best payouts going for vans. So if you’re thinking “I want to scrap my van Bolton,” contact us. Perhaps you’re thinking, “where can I sell my

Where is a reliable scrap yard near me?

Farewell four-wheeled friend

Bidding farewell to a vehicle that is past it’s sell by date can be really emotional. 

To throw good money after bad is insane but when you find it hard to let go of a car or van you’ve had for years sometimes people will stop at almost nothing to keep that motor on the road. blank

But there comes a poi [...]

It’s 2021! Happy New Year! Or should that be, happy new gear!!

A van in a scrap yard

The Scrappers want to assure everyone that we will continue to be operational even in lockdown. 

We realise that for key workers it’s critical to keep on moving and stay on the road safely.

So that means we will con [...]