Things feel like they’re picking up pace again at Britain’s best-known breakers yard, The Scrappers.

It’s finally starting to feel like we are getting back to normal since the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s because we’ve seen a super surge in online sales since the pandemic struck

and understandably so.

Like every business during the thick of it we had to make adjustments, limiting yard operations while also understanding people need to stay on the road. 

And to keep people on the road, they’re going to need affordable replacement car parts. 

If you’re looking for used car parts online, check out our online car parts store. 

We are a 24/7 online operation which enables you to go on to our website whenever you want and order the part you need which will usually be delivered the next day.

If you do fancy a trip out to our Breakers Yard in Bolton, we are operating social COP a load of this – the film below shows what happened afterwards to the copper wiring stripped from scrapped vehicles in our yard. Copper is highly ductile, meaning it can be stretched out as thin as possible yet remain strong. It’s used in electrical wiring, is malleable and resistant to corrosion.
There’s more copper found in better built vehicles that are heavily tech reliant. And that’s why it would be a terrible waste not to recycle all this copper. We posted an article about how we had miles and miles worth of copper wiring that we’ve taken from cars over the past ten years. Enough to wrap around the world almost four and a half time over in fact! Shortly after our article went live, we were contacted by a company called A&G Metal Solutions who have over 100 years in the scrap metal recycling industry.  They bought a tons’s worth of Hopefully the pace of normal life is picking up again since coronavirus ground everything to a halt.  We’ve had to make adjustments like every business has, we’ve saw online sales rise while our breakers yard in Bolton has had to limit operations in person. The Scrappers understand that people need to stay on the road and we can play our part in ensuring that happens with our vast used car parts depot. “Since the coronavirus outbreak sales have shifted more online which means we can still keep people on the road thanks to our online used car parts store,” says Terry Walker The Scrappers founder. “You can go on to our website and see all our stock and you can actually order on the website and the part will be delivered to you usually the next day by a courier. “We are also social distancing in the scrap yard.” If you’re looking for a particular

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In the vehicle scrap game, it literally is down to the wire…

Britain’s best loved scrap yard The Scrappers have revealed they strip around 50 tons of copper wire from scrap vehicles each year, roughly equalling 11,700 miles in length.

That’s 117,000 miles since they first started ripping out the wiring almost ten years ago. 

That equals four and a half times round the world! 🚗 ♻︎ 🌍

On a daily basis the team will rip out around 45 miles of copper wiring, a distance that would get you pretty much from their Waterloo Street site in Bolton to Leeds. 

Although labour-intensive work, copper wiring can be extremely lucrative providing a meaty payout each week when sold on.

This is Gloria, our glorious grabber. Isn’t she grab-ulous!!   

She’s a mean lean gripping machine who will sink her claws into anything shiny and metally.   UK's car scrappage scheme deadline

Her job is to grab scrapped cars, vans and trucks that have been stripped down to their shell and move them ready for the giant crusher jaws that reduce a vehicle into a stocky bale.

This bundle of metal love then goes on to be recycled and one day take form in other things.

Gloria has been in our yard for 10 years, however a year ago almost to the [...]

How to find a Renault scrap yard in Bolton

Finding Renault parts for cars or vans is easy
Scrap cars including Renault cars for parts

There may be a range of reasons why you want to find a Renault scrapyard in Bolton, or anywhere else in the UK, and this article explains what you can do.

Whether you want to scrap a Renault car and earn the best price, or if you would like to find quality Renault spares and parts for sale, then you need the experts at The Scrappers.

That’s because there’s a big range of used Renault spares in stock, so it’s worth calling the friendly team on (01204) 388488 or using the online parts finder form.

And as Renault breakers, The Scrappers will pay the best price for your unwanted Renault car or van because of the demand from customers wanting quality used Renault parts to fix their own vehicle.

Find Renault car parts

Indeed, whether you want to find Renault car parts or reputable Renault breakers, the team can deal with your enquiry wherever you

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When the nation went into lockdown traffic congestion dramatically reduced, around 80 per cent in some areas of the UK. 

Now as isolation eases and the country steadily gets back on its feet, more of us are getting behind the wheel again too. 

For an estimated fifth of motorists, the prospect of getting back in the driving seat has instilled a feeling of fear and anxiety.

“Getting used to things like driving again, takes a bit of practice to restore confidence,” reassures Terry Walker founder of The Scrappers scrap yard in Bolton.

Terry should know, he’s been in the car scrap game most of his life.

“It’s probably a good idea to take your car out for a steady spin on a Sunday or early evening when it’s quieter on the roads and get used to getting back on the road again. 

“As with so many things in life, practice makes perfect.”

How can I get the most for my car?

Have you been in lockdown with a car lover?
Bored Brits took to washing their cars more frequently during the coronavirus lockdown to pass the time. Left with limited tasks in and around the home thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, cooking, gardening and cleaning became favourite amusements as we waited for life to get back to some kind of normal. Lockdown has also forced us to get to know our nearest and dearest on a whole new level. If you’ve been pretty much housebound with your lover over the past few months, you might have started to notice some new traits you hadn’t picked up on before. For some, that maybe discovering just how how much their other half loves their car! “A real car lover will love their car more than you,” laughed Terry Walker, founder of The Scrappers salvage yard in Bolton. “There’s definitely a type of person who is much more into their vehicle than they are their wife, husband

Where can I sell my classic car for free?

Let's celebrate classic cars

Behold. 😍 Just look at her.. the personification of grace, beauty and craftsmanship bestowed on four wheels.


Is it any wonder so many of us feel passion and adoration for automobiles when breath takers like Jaguar’s E-Type rolled off the production line. The model pictured here is a 1961 3.8L stunner. One of the first off the line.

Who wouldn’t want to be whizzing around on a sunny day driving this absolute beauty? Top down, not a care in the world.

At the time of blogging, there are 5,732 E-Types in the UK with MOTs.

Weigh that up against 30,843,909 cars and vehicles currently with valid MOTs and Jag E-types count for 0.0186% of the lion’s share.

Next spring the E-type turns 60 years old. And by goodness she’s still got it.

It’s a joy to see motorists keeping their classic cars on the road, and

How do I scrap my car in Scotland?

Get the best scrap car prices in Scotland
Cars scrapped in Scotland

When you need to scrap my car in Scotland, it is important that you deal with friendly experts and get the best price scrap price when doing so.

This will mean contacting The Scrappers who offer a reliable and friendly service to make things easy and simple for you.

Not only will the team pick up cars anywhere in Scotland, but they will pay a great price when doing so.

If you need to scrap cars for cash, simply enter details of your car on the online form to get an instant quote.

Best car scrapping price in Scotland

Or, you can call The Scrappers to get the best car scrapping price in Scotland on (01204) 388488.

If you like the price being quoted, you can arrange for a free scrap car collection at a convenient time to suit you.

This means your scrap car could be picked up from your home or place of