Working from home for the foreseeable future, if not for good?

Don’t need that extra vehicle you’ve got parked on the driveway?

Then the answer is simple, my friend – sell it to The Scrappers!

Britain’s best known breakers and salvage yard want to buy cars and vans – not just of the scrapping variety.

So if you want a quick sale of a car or a van and you want to sell it for a decent price, then you really should get in touch.

Right now in these uncertain and stressful times, no one can predict where everything is headed in many aspects of life.

But one thing you can guarantee is the Scrappe [...]

Who will buy my Mercedes today?

Stress Free Car Sales..

So you want to get shut if your current vehicle, do you?

Not a problem – The Scrappers can sort you straight out. blank

They don’t just buy scrap cars, they buy runners too – as in the words of Michael Caine, “not a lot of people know that”.

They dish out the best payouts and guarantee a stress free no hassle sale.

So if you’re in a hurry to sell your car or van just contact the Scrappers.

You may [...]

How do I get the most money for my car?


Winter is fast approaching, and we’re not too sure what kind of Christmas we will have this year.

It’s looking like a very quiet one thanks to Covid-19 and all the restrictions it brings.

The office Christmas party, is more than likely to be held on Zoom – if at all! It all begs the question; should we just cancel Christmas this year!

Trying not to sound like The Grinch, Christmas might not be as flashy as it usually is, but as long as there is love and hope – then we stand a chance.

Christmas can be a very expensive time, and we are all trying to save money where we can in these uncertain circumstances.

At least when it comes to motoring expenses know this: Britain’s best loved car salvage yard The Scrappers will help you save money in every way they can.

You’ll be thinking, “Golly gosh, I got top dosh

There’s nothing worse than getting up early in the morning when it’s still dark and cold and your car won’t turn over.

You might as well have stayed in bed, pal!

It could be a variety of reasons she won’t fire up, but often it can be battery related.

Your lights, radio and dashboard all flicker on, but the battery isn’t giving you jack.

That’s because lights and radio require a lot less power than the starter needs.

So your battery might be capable of switching them on, but you do not have enough power to start your engine.

If that’s the case it’s time to give it a decent charge, or get a replacement battery.

It’ll probably cross your mind to go to a car parts retailer and buy a brand new battery but that can easily cost over £100.

A far cheaper option is buying a used car battery that’s in perfectly good

For quite some time the Scrappers have been keen to expand their exporting side of the business and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

Local car scrap yard picking up a scrap vehicle.

Taxi!!!! Well don’t expect these two to pick you up in a hurry – even while restrictive curfews are in place. blank

Yep these traditional London Taxi cabs have seen far better days, bless them.

Once a fab cab to a drab cab, this red and black taxi will both soon be grab cabs when Gloria, our glorious grabber, has her wicked way with them!

She’ll tear and shred them to pieces of scrap metal that’ll be loaded into an enormous container before heading to a metal recycling plant and being turned into something else, something useful again.

And that could even be another tax [...]

Sell my car Blackburn

We don’t half find some finds.

Vehicles that have literally been left to rot for years! If cars could talk, they’d have some stories to tell.


Some vehicles have been left for so long in fact that half of them have sprouted gardens or become habitats for wildlife like field mice.

Others have been left under trees and you should see what that does to the paintwork over time.

Take this old Taxi cab for example pictured below… it’s been under some shrubbery for a while and as a result it’s been exposed to sooty mould – which is actually green fly poop!

During the warmer months, bugs like green flies can leave a very sticky residue on the paintwork of a car and it can be a bugger to shift!

This Taxi has obviously been left as a dumping ground for green fly sap over

Who buys vans Bolton?


Here at The Scrappers, Metro Salvage, we like to big up vans and that’s why we frequently write about them.

A scrap van waiting to be recycled

We are always keen to buy vans, ones that run and non-runners too.

And we have been thinking about names of people and titles of movies that have ‘Van’ in them.

For example, the movie Van Helsing – was a vampire movie starring Kate Beckinsale. And we like a sale too.. of the [...]

Where can I sell my Mercedes Bolton?


Did you know that Scrappers pay top dough for BMW cars, Audi cars, BMW engines in Bolton and nationwide? blank

The same applies for Mercedes cars in Bolton and everywhere, Mercedes engines Bolton and nationwide too.

They are always looking to buy high end vehicles, so if you want to sell a Mercedes in Bolton, or sell a Mercedes in Manchester or an Audi in Bury. Pick up the phone.

These are just examples of the cars they will buy. But t [...]

Who buys accident damaged cars?

Sell my accident damaged car

Most motorists will tell you driving in the rain is more of a chore than pleasure.

Steamed up windows, wipers going ten to the dozen and water logged pot holes that douse your motor in muddy gritty sludge.

Oh the joys… 🚙 🌧 🚙 🌧

It is a ball ache and best to avoid driving if possible. But when you have to make that journey you can stay safer on the roads by taking your time and slowly down to avoid aquaplaning.

Turning your headlights on can help you see more clearly as well as make you more visible to other drivers.

It’s also wise to give other cars more space as stopping suddenly on a wet road can take longer than a dry road.

The Scrappers see more bumped cars in wetter weather as sometimes drivers overlook the need to be extra cautious and shunts happen.

If the damage is repairable off the