Who is best to scrap my car with?


There’s usually a point in every motorist’s life when they are faced with the dilemma of, ‘who is best to scrap my car with?’

It can be a very important decision with a few factors to consider: Sometimes you want to go for the place nearest you, but do they pay the best?

Maybe not as much as you could get for it elsewhere. To get the best price for a scrap car why not go to the best in town, and that is the scrappers.

The Scrappe [...]

Where can I sell my classic car?

Keep Classics Alive
A couple of weeks ago this little beauty came into our yard – an MG Midget.  She had certainly seen better days and years standing on a driveway had taken their toll on the little trooper turning her into a rust bucket. blank But the good news is she’s been saved!! The 1966 classic car has been snapped up by a buyer down south who plans to restore this beautiful sports car to her to her former glory. He’s also taken the pal she met in the yard… a millennium Mini! It’s nice to see the new motor mates go off together! Eventually little Midget will go on to be a dream car for someone.. as will her Mini mate. But begs the question, if you could have any care what would it be? Would it be a car like these two? Or would you opt for something

Remember being a kid and going on a long car journey? blank

Felt like a lifetime didn’t it!

How many of us got bored five minutes after setting off!

The amount of stuff you’d take with you to hopefully occupy your mind and pass the time.

Games, music, books, comic DVD players!

Service stations were a Godsend, not just for the toilets but just to be able to walk around and grab some snacks or fast food… t [...]

What’s the scrap value of my car?

ProCARstination!  😰 🚙


It’s so easy to put something off until tomorrow, when you can do it today. blank

And then when tomorrow comes, you might as well get on with it the following day!

Everyone is guilty of a bit of procrastination from time to time.

Some of us more than others.

But there’s nothing worse than when things start hanging over your head, getting on your shoulders. It can feel crushing.

Take your car, for [...]

Who sells cheap car parts online?


Welcome to our third and final zodiac special where we look to the stars to tell us about cars. Cars we should be driving that is, to suit our character. blank

It’s all part of a bit of mystic fun taking us on a joyride journey of self discov [...]

How do I sell my Audi near me?


Welcome to our second instalment of Stars and Cars, where we take a look at the best suited vehicles for your Zodiac sign.


We wanted to have some mystical fun combined with our love and passion for cars. So without further ado, let’s get into part two!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) ♉︎

STAR QUALITY: Calm and reliable, affectionate and loyal laced with a determined and sometimes stubborn streak. Every now and then the bull in the china shop likes to charge!

CAR QUALITY: Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sorento, Nissan Leaf and Toyota Avensis would suit a Taurian’s no-nonsense attitude.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) ♊︎

STAR QUALITY: Adaptable and easy-going, Geminis enjoy a social gathering and will [...]

Sell my Golf quickly

ASTRA-logical ✨✨✨

What’s your car sign?..

Today we thought we’d go a little astrological.. we’re not talking about Vauxhall Astra-logical – we’re talking zodiac.. blank

Star signs, well actually car signs are fascinating us right now!

We thought we’d have a bit of mystical fun by partnering up the right vehicle for a particular star sign.

So, without further ado, here’s the first of our three-part Scrappers guide to finding the right kind of car to suit your star..

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19) ♑︎

Sell my van locally


Never before has the delivery man and woman been as appreciated as now.

A scrap van being collected in Bolton. Love deliver .. & the sausages!

The convenience of deliver [...]

Due to Covid-19, unless you’re living in the same household, car sharing isn’t being recommended right now. blank

This will come as a blow for the majority of people who want to be as green as possible. It means green-thinking motorists are having to take a step backwards and revert back to being in their own vehicle. No doubt they will be feeling disappointed right now.

Over the past few years there has been a major shift towards being as environmentally aware as possible as a driver.

Electric cars – which even have their own official recognised date now; September 9 – are being championed more than ever. And there’s the suggestion that all new vehicles in the UK should be fuel-free in 15 years.

This is all promising news in giving a greener world the

Where can I sell my Audi near me?


Needless to say The Scrappers love cars, and of course they’re partial to higher end vehicles – who wouldn’t be!


For example, take a look at this 2006 Audi, a cracking car which still has plenty of life in her for parts.

Her engine is tickety boo still and will make another vehicle roar! She’s got a quadro gear reducer gearbox too, her wing mirrors are perfect and her CD player is a cracker to boot!

This is an example of why breaking cars for parts is such an important part of car salvage life.

It enables other cars to stay on the road by using the good parts of vehicles that have come in to be broken.

It’s been reported that Audi drivers are some of the worst drivers in the UK! Well The Scrappers aren’t so sure. When