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Are Petrol Cars Okay for ULEZ?

Selling a Non-Compliant ULEZ Car

As cities worldwide seek to reduce emissions and enhance air quality, initiatives like Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) have been introduced.

If you own a 2004 petrol-run car, you might be wondering about its ULEZ compliance status. So today, we’ll explore the age limit for ULEZ petrol cars, the suitability of petrol cars.

So if you want to know the year requirement to avoid ULEZ charges, and the possibility of selling a non-c [...]

How to check if your car is okay for ULEZ

What Cars Are Not Allowed in ULEZ?

As we strive for greener and cleaner urban environments, initiatives like the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) have been introduced. We are told it’s to improve air quality in heavily populated areas.

So, if you’re wondering about your vehicle’s compatibility with ULEZ standards, you’re not alone. Questions such as how to check if your [...]

Where can I sell a ULEZ non-compliant van?

Sell a ULEZ banned van today

If you want to sell or scrap your van, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at The Scrappers, we are the largest buyers of scrap vans in the North West and will buy any van. And we mean any!

Whether it’s clapped out or running li [...]

Selling a car that doesn’t meet ULEZ standards

Should I sell my non compliant ULEZ car?

Worried about Ultra Low Emission Zones? Wondering whether your car is compliant or not? Here are a few factors to consider if you’ve been thinking, ‘should I sell my non compliant ULEZ car?

Should I sell my non compliant ULEZ car?

The decision to sell an older vehicle due to daily charges in Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) in the UK depends on various factors. Consider the following points to make an i [...]

Is my car OK for ULEZ?

Is now the time to sell my older vehicle?

Birds eye view of the Scrappers Yard in BoltonIn the ever-evolving landscape of urban living, the push for environmental sustainability has taken centre stage.  So if you’ve been considering, “is now the time to sell my older vehicle’, perhaps it’s time to have a serious think.

The introduction of Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) is believed to be a significant stride towards cleaner air and greener cities.

For motorists, especially those with older petrol or diesel-run vehicles, the ULEZ scheme raises an important question: Is now the time to sell my older vehicle? The ULEZ scheme, was initially launched in London. And it is subsequently being adopted by other major cities across the UK. It impos [...]

How to scrap a car and get the best price

How do I know how much my scrap vehicle is actually worth?

Have you ever wondered how to scrap a car and get the best price?

Or if you can sell a car to a scrap yard.

Maybe even “how do I know how much my scrap vehicle is actually worth?”

Well, have no fear, The Scrappers are here! And we pay the best rates going for scrap vehicles and vehicles for sale.

So if you’re wondering “can I sell a car to a scrap yard near Manchester?” the answer is yes.

Because we buy any car at The Scrappers. So we buy vehicles that are dead or alive. 

And if your car is dead, don’t worry as we can come and collect your vehicle for free. 

It’s all part of the service The Scrappers provide. We believe in putting you, the customer, first and that

Find a trusted car scrap yard near me

Where is the best vehicle scrapyard near me?

There is a fast and easy way to scrap your car and it’s staring you right in the face – The Scrappers!

If you own a wreck, have an accident damaged, or clapped out car we want to know about it.

You may be wondering, “where is the best vehicle scrapyard near me?” well, hopefully we’ve popped up during your searches.

The Scrappers takes pride in looking after our customers and giving them a stressful and friendly service. 

We need cars, dead or alive, so whatever you’re selling [...]

Sell my non-running car near Manchester

What can I do with a broken car?

Ever wondered “what can I do with a broken car?”

Sell it to The Scrappers!

Maybe you’ve been looking to “sell my non-running car near Manchester”, then give us a shout.

The Scrappers like to be seen as the best place to sell a non-running car near Manchester by a country mile.

That’s because we cover the whole of the North West and we pay competitive prices for scrap cars and cars for sale.

So if you’re looking for someone who buys any car, speak to The Scrappers.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering, “where is the easiest place to sell my car Manchester or in there North West. Again, it couldn’t be more straightforward, sell your car to The Scrappers and enjoy a stress free sale.


We are a registered ATF (authorised [...]

Find local scrap car dealer near me today

Who pays top cash for scrap cars near me?

Your motor’s had it, it’s kaput and you’ve been frantically searching for “scrap car dealers near me”.

Then hopefully if you’re based in the north west you’ve found us – The Scrappers!

We cover the whole region and can pay you the best rate for your scrap vehicle. 

You could be looking for “scrap my car Manchester” or “scrap my car Salford.

Perhaps yo [...]

Sell my damaged vehicle Didsbury

Sell a storm damaged vehicle in the North West for most money

Bad weather continues to batter the North West, with our neighbours in Didsbury feeling the full-on effects of storm Franklin.

It means we are here if you want to sell a flood damaged car near Didsbury.

Or you may be based in Northenden and want to sell a flood damaged car near Northenden, then get in touch.

The Scrappers will buy your flood damaged car. And we will also buy your storm damaged car.

If you need to sell a storm damaged car today, give us a call. You can ring us on 01204 388488 or visit us online and get a near instant quote.

So if you’re looking to sell my damaged car Didsbury way, then get in touch.

We are based in Bolton but we cater for the whole of the North West so