Sell My Nissan Qashqai Bolton

Who Buys Nissan Qashqai?

Got a Ford you can’t afford to keep on repairing?

Mondeo driving you to feeling mundane every time you sit behind the wheel?

Perhaps you’ve got a VW Passat that’s well past its sell by date.

Or a Focus you’d very much like to focus off!

How about a Mazda 3, that’s no longer amazing.

Or what if you’ve got a Nissan Qashqai that needs squashing? 

If you have any car or van you want to get rid of then call on The Scrappers.

We are huge scrap and salvation plant located in Bolton and we take any scrap car.

We also but any car too, so if you want to get rid of your motor we are the team for you.


Yes we are based in Bolton, but the Scrappers collect cars from all over the North West and we also operate a nationwide delivery service

Scrap My Honda Civic Manchester

Scrap a van Wilmslow

CARS are a bit like emotions, they come and go.

And cars are often the cause of our emotion too – especially when they’re giving us agro!

Driving a great car that runs like a dream can make you feel on top of the world.

But when a car behaves badly, it can bring out our angry side. 

Car trouble can also make owners weep with sadness, especially if you’re chucking good money after bad trying to repair the darn thing.

There has to come a point, regardless of emotional attachment to a vehicle where enough is enough. It’s the last chance saloon for your saloon… or hatchback. 

And when that moment arrives keep The Scrappers in mind. The Scrappers want you to get the best price for a scrap car or van. So they can see you in a happy state of mind. 

Based in Bolton, The Scrappers cover the North West of England

Scrap my accident damaged Discovery

Scrap my accident damaged Vivaro

Take-aways, wow, us Brits have got through some delivery grub over the past year.

Curries, Eastern Food, Fish & Chippy tea, Burgers and kebab have been staples for many of us and we try to cure our lockdown boredom.

With weeks until we can go and enjoy a sit down meal inside, it’s pretty likely that a lot of us will continu [...]

Today is Good Friday and not just because it’s Easter weekend. blank

It’s good in so many ways, in fact.

If you’d like to scrap a car today, you can because The Scrappers are open for business as usual.

We want to turn Good Friday into an even better Friday so you can get the best deal for your scrap vehicle today.

We’re feeling extra generous and want to see smiles on our customer’s faces. Happy times are ahead and The Scrappers would like to see you on the road to joyous times.

And that’s because when you scrap your vehicle with us you’ll get the best payout.

Has your car or van pretty much surrendered? Is it barely shifting?

Do you have a vehicle that is stressing you out?

Then why suffer the pain any longer?

Scrap my Land Rover Wilmslow

Easter Replacement Bonnet
The Scrappers can’t help you with Easter Bonnets, but we can sure sort you a replacement bonnet! blank

In fact we can sort you with any car parts going. If they’re in our yard there’s yours if you need, for a great price.

Just like the Easter bunny, we like to hop around ensuring all our replacement car parts customers are happy bunnies too.

The Scrappers never put all their eggs into one basket, that’s why they can help the good people of Bolton and beyond with all sorts of car care needs.

First and foremost we are here to take that worry wart of a scrap car away from you. Paying you the best price in the process. And offering a free car collection service.  

The Scrappers are good eggs when it comes to scrapping a

Scrap My Motorhome Bolton

Sell My Motorhome

According to recent reports there is a shortage of motorhomes as Brits are buying them up enjoy staycations in the UK.

While overseas travel this summer seems shrouded in confusion, a lot of people are preferring to stay put this year.

Holidaying here could also boost the economy as people spend their hard-earned at home instead of away.

The Scrappers have collected and scrapped motorhomes and caravans over the years.

And we’ve also helped motorhome owners and caravan owners stay on the road with replacement parts if they’ve needed.

If you have a motorhome that’s seen better days and you are thinking “who will take my motorhome near me,” contact us.

You my be thinking, “who will but my caravan near me,” then contact us.

If you’re wondering where can I scrap my motorhome or where can I sell my motorhome, contact us.

“Sell my motorhome Manchester,” may be another thought on your

Scrap my Jaguar Salford for best payment

Who pays the highest for scrap Mercedes Bolton
Do you ever feel like Tuesday is a bit of a snooze and lose day? blank

Not quite in midweek, but slightly less of drag than a Monday.

It’s a funny day is Tuesday. A bit of non-day, you could say. 

The Scrappers want to change all that and make your Tuesday the best day of the week by scrapping your car.

If you need to scrap a van, a car or any other vehicle why not pick a Tuesday to do it? Let’s make Tuesday the official ca [...]

IS that the sun we can see? Are things finally brightening up? blank

The weather seems to be warming up and we’ve started the roadmap journey out of lockdown. Surely, things can only get better. 

At this first stage of getting life back on track, the rule of six applies outdoors, meaning family reunions and some organised sports can go ahead.  

We can start venturing out to Britain’s coastlines and the beach again. 


All together now… It’s Friday (again) it’s Saturday, Sunday what! blank

And if you haven’t planned anything for the weekend you could always scrap your car.

If you have a clapped out vehicle that’s ready for The Scrappers yard then why not crack on and scrap the old girl.

We are open all weekend long so the good people of Bolton and beyond can finally get shut of their scrap car or van.

Scrapping a car needn’t be a burden. It won’t eat into your entire weekend. In fact, it’s a pretty painless experience and one that can be completed in a matter of hours.


If you live in Bolton and want to scrap my car Bolton, we can collect on the same day unless you have another preference.

If you’re based in Manchester and

When is the right time to scrap a car?

Best place to scrap my car

Your scrapyard, The Scrappers, needs you! blank

Let’s cut to the chase today, we need scrap cars and we need them now!

Have you decided it time to scrap your car today?

Perhaps you’ve been browsing, “best place to scrap my car” recently?

May be you’ve been wondering, “when is the right time to scrap a car?”

It sounds like it might be time to contact us.


A good indicator your car is ready for scrapping is when it’s going to cost far more to fix than it’s worth.

In other words, chucking good money after bad which is bleeding you dry financially.

When that happens, you start feeling resentment towards a motor you once cherished. 

The Scrappers reckon it would be a good idea to contact them instead. 

Especially if you are based in the Greater Manchester or Lancashire area or within a