Where Can I Scrap My Car Bury?

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MOTORISTS will be chuffed that during the latest budget announcement fuel duty is sticking at 57.95p per litre.

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What's It All About?

EVER ask yourself; “What’s it all about? What is the meaning life?”

We might be sounding a bit philosophical here, but just because we’re a scrapyard doesn’t mean our thinking won’t take us to profound depths.

If, like us, you’ve been questioning life more in lockdown, take heart as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve got a roadmap ahead of us for the lifting of lockdown and it’ll soon be Spring. 

There is already a lot to be grateful for too; lighter mornings, flowers blossoming and the birds are chirping. Better still, the nation’s favourite salvage yard The Scrappers are here for your car parts and scrap vehicle needs! 

We believe the meaning of life is to make the planet a better place than when you first arrived on it. And for us that means being as green as we possibly can. 

That’s why our plant in Bolton, in the North West

Scrap or sell us your motorhome! blank

That’s right, you heard us correctly! 

We will take your motorhome or caravan off your hands if you no longer want it.

Perhaps you want to scrap a motorhome and you’ve been wondering, “where can I scrap my motorhome?”.  Or “where can I scrap my caravan?” may be playing on your mind.

Then we have the solution, scrap a caravan, scrap a motorhome, or scrap a [...]

Who Buys Range Rovers?

Scrap My Car Lymm

Out on a limb with a failing motor in Lymm?

Time to tell that car of yours to hop it once and for all?

Then you need The Scrappers, Britain’s friendliest car salvage network based in Bolton.

The Scrappers cover the whole of the North West and beyond collecting cars for scrap. And did you know they also buy vehicles that motorists no longer want?

So if you’re thinking, “I need to scrap my car Lymm” call us.  Maybe you’re wondering “how do I scrap a car Lymm?” then come to us! Perhaps the thought “who buys any car Lymm?” has dawned on you, it’s the Scrappers who can help. 

Our intentions are very simple, we buy any car Lymm.  We also offer affordable used car parts to the great people of Lymm too.

Our car scrap and recycling plant down the road in Bolton is one of the largest in the UK. We are

Scrap My Car Wilmslow

We Buy Any Car Wilmslow

GOOD car owners of Wilmslow. Are you on a whim to sell your current vehicle and buy a new one? Sell my Jaguar

Do you want to scrap a car Wilmslow, residents? But perhaps you’re not sure who to contact…

Then you’ve found the right people, The Scrappers! For anyone currently wishing to scrap a car Wilmslow or sell a car Wilmslow – let The Scrappers  put your mind at rest.

Would you like to take the pressure out of selling a car in Wilmslow? Would you prefer a fast, quick and easy sale with a great monetary offer to boot? Then it’s time to contact The Scrappers. 

The [...]

Sell My Classic Car For Cash

It's Not Over For This Rover

The Scrappers isn’t solely a scrapyard, we’re a salvage yard too. This means that whenever we can save a vehicle, we damn right well will!

Take classic cars, for example, that have been left to deteriorate over the years. You’d be surprised how often we get wrecks coming on. Barn-yard finds, neglected-on-the-driveway finds, cooped-up-in-a-garage-for-years finds. You name it, we’ve found it.

If we at The Scrappers ever do come across an oldies goldies gem we ensure that it gets the restoration it deserves. Sometimes we undertake the work ourselves as there is nothing more rewarding than restoring a car back to it’s former glory. Other times it’ll go off to a particular classic car restorer who focuses specifically on restoring certain makes and models. 

This 1980’s Rover 800, for example, came into us after giving up the ghost long ago and is now on its way to a chap in Bury. It’ll get an

WHEN customers are searching for who is the best scrapyard in Manchester, we, The Scrappers, like to put our head above the parapet and say it’s us. blank

Technically our yard maybe not be in the Manchester postcode, but we are only down the road in sunny Bolton.

The Scrappers are proud to run one of the biggest breakers and salvage yards in the North West. Our drivers go far and wide collecting cars for scrap because people know we are [...]

There’s a lot of bad habits motorists adopt when they’ve been driving for a while – and we don’t just mean picking your nose at the wheel!

There are far worse habits when it comes to looking after your car.

Pulling daft manoeuvres and not sticking to road rules not only runs the risk of having an accident or getting in trouble with law – it can actually harm your car and cost a great deal of money to correct.

By being sensible behind the wheel and respecting your motor, you can enjoy her a lot longer.

Here are a few common bad driving habits to avoid when you’re on the road. Believe us, your vehicle will thank you: 🙏

Putting too much junk in the trunk and everywhere else will put pressure on your car or van, affecting the suspension and putting pressure on the brakes. Check your vehicle’s maximum weight limit so you’re

Are Scrapyards Open During Lockdown?

How we are staying safe

MANY customers are asking; “are scrapyards open during lockdown?” blank

The answer is yes, we are open for all your motoring needs from scrapping a vehicle, to obtaining quality used car parts.

Do you need to scrap a car during lockdown? Why not choose The Scrappers, we’re putting your safety first.

We are sticking to safety guidelines so that our customers and staff are kept protected in this pandemic [...]

Our VANuary bonanza continues with gusto. blank

Make no mistake about it, we are obsessed with vans! And we want you to take adVANtage too!

That’s why we offer top dough for your van, should you want to sell a van Bolton, or sell a van further away. Our services stretch further than our Bolton salvage yard. Our van sale or van scrap payouts are spectacular too, not just in January, but all year round. 

Selling or scrapping your van with an authorised treatment facility (ATF) like we are makes sense. Not only will we pay you well, but will also put your mind at ease that your van is in safe hands. That’s because we are a trusted salvage yard. This means useful parts are recycled so you are doing a great thing for the