There’s a lot of bad habits motorists adopt when they’ve been driving for a while – and we don’t just mean picking your nose at the wheel!

There are far worse habits when it comes to looking after your car.

Pulling daft manoeuvres and not sticking to road rules not only runs the risk of having an accident or getting in trouble with law – it can actually harm your car and cost a great deal of money to correct.

By being sensible behind the wheel and respecting your motor, you can enjoy her a lot longer.

Here are a few common bad driving habits to avoid when you’re on the road. Believe us, your vehicle will thank you: 🙏

Putting too much junk in the trunk and everywhere else will put pressure on your car or van, affecting the suspension and putting pressure on the brakes. Check your vehicle’s maximum weight limit so you’re

Are Scrapyards Open During Lockdown?

How we are staying safe

MANY customers are asking; “are scrapyards open during lockdown?”

The answer is yes, we are open for all your motoring needs from scrapping a vehicle, to obtaining quality used car parts.

We are sticking to safety guidelines so that our customers and staff are kept protected in this pandemic. This means we are encouraging customers to order parts online and where possible opt for the delivery option. We usual [...]

Our VANuary bonanza continues with gusto. blank

Make no mistake about it, we are obsessed with vans! And we want you to take adVANtage!

That’s why we offer top dough for your van, should you want to sell a van Bolton, or sell a van further away than our Bolton salvage yard. Our van sale or van scrap payouts are spectacular, not just in January, but all year round. 

Selling or scrapping your van with an authorised treatment facility (ATF) like we are,will not only pay you well but will also put your mind at ease that your van is in safe hands with a trusted salvage yard. This means useful parts are recycled which means both you and us are doing a great thing for the good and green of the environment. 

The Scrappers are

Let’s not beat about the bush, January is a long dreary month – even when life is ‘normal’. blank

Thirty-one days of the same old, same old. The majority of us are skint from the aftermath of Christmas and there isn’t a great deal to look forward to.

So we, The Scrappers, have decided to scrap January and rename it VANuary!

And VANuary is a top notch month to enjoy  because we want to buy your van – either for scrap or as a sell-on.

If you have a van that’s a runner and you want to sell a van quickly in Bolton or further afield, look no further afield! Come to The Scrappers. 

The Scrappers always pay the best payouts going for vans, so if you’re thinking “I want to scrap my van Bolton,” or “where can I sell my van Bolton”, or “where

Where is a reliable scrap yard near me?

Farewell four-wheeled friend

Bidding farewell to a vehicle that is past it’s sell by date can be really emotional. 

To throw good money after bad is insane but when you find it hard to let go of a car or van you’ve had for years sometimes people will stop at almost nothing to keep that motor on the road. blank

But there comes a poi [...]

It’s 2021! Happy New Year! Or should that be, happy new gear!!

A van in a scrap yard

The Scrappers want to assure everyone that we will continue to be operational even in lockdown. 

We realise that for key workers it’s critical to keep on moving and stay on the road safely.

So that means we will con [...]

How to sell a car


If you were to ‘traditionally’ sell a car here’s, the advice you’d be given.

Step 1: Prepare your car, van, bus, truck or whatever you’re selling.

For this you’d be expected to wash, dry and polish the outside.

Add hub caps to the wheels if any are missing.

Wash, dry and polish the interior for that sparkling effect.

Oh and while you’re at it, check the gears 🤯

Step 2: Master the art of negotiation so you can negotiate to get the deal that works for you.

This is where haggling skills come into play. And it’s generally advised to price the car or van you want to sell a smidgen higher than you expect to get. Then when offered slightly less, you should have reached the price you realistically expected.

Step 3: Park your car where it’ll be seen.

Parking the vehicle you want to sell somewhere it’ll get a lot of views

Who Will Buy My Van?


Does your van make you feel anxious, is it giving you VANxiety? 

Then perhaps it’s time to scrap your van with the Scrappers.

Your van may be old, your van may be rusty, your van may not drive anymore. Not a problem when it comes to the Scrappers as they are interested in buying any type of van. 

The Scrappers are based in Bolton just on the outskirts of Manchester. You could say The Scrappers are the capital of Vanchester.

You might be thinking why would The Scrappers want my old rusty van? The answer is simple, so they can break it for parts and use the parts for other vans.

Your old van can help another van back on the road again. That’s what The Scrappers call Vanderful. You don’t have to live in Bolton, you don’t have to live in Manchester either, you don’t have to live anywhere near the north of England

Where can I sell my Land Rover?


Take a look at this.. can you guess what it is? blank

It’s a 207 top door hinge of course, and very nice it is too!

What we’re trying to say is, when it comes to the Scrappers no car part is too big or too small.

Our trusted team will hunt down what ever replacement car part you’re after so that you can be on the road again, safely and inexpensively.

That’s why we love breaking a car, there are so many parts that can be used in other vehicles, from engin [...]

Sell my car for cash today


Long gone are the days of all the rigmarole of selling a car. blank

Calling up the local paper, writing a little blurb on the vehicle you want to sell, getting some pics of the motor and then paying a hefty sum to place your ad.

Yep it was a lot of hassle back then..

Still, today, a lot of folk have to jump through quite a few hoops to sell a car.

They might be thinking, “how do I sell my car online?” or “I wan [...]