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Beware of Hawkers

If you’ve had a car on your drive for a while without putting it to use, or even if it’s just an old washing machine which you’ve had no time to take to the rubbish tip, any kind of scrap metal just hanging around outside of your house could be in danger of being stolen. You may have heard of metal being stolen from railway tracks or even off the top of churches! Any kind of metal holds value, so don’t let thieves rip you off.

Scrap metal theft cost the government millions of pounds every year and your car holds a lot of value to these thieves. A car is made up of a lot of metal, and each and every piece is worth a fortune.

You might see these people, the fraudsters, driving down your road slowly, eyeing up what they could take in the night. Or somebody may have come and knocked on your door, asking to take your scrap off your hands. Our advice is not to allow this. Always scrap a vehicle by appointment, call a trusted dealer who can ensure that everything is done above board.

When it comes to scrapping your car, don’t just give it to anyone. There are many legal scrap metal salvagers in your area and even if not there are some that will come and collect your car from you. The Scrappers is based in the North West but we service a Nationwide. With our trusted agents we can come and take your car off your hands and you can rest easily, safe in the knowledge that all the governmental laws regarding licencing and recycling are upheld.

Here are some hard and fast rules for you to follow, to make sure that the scrap dealer is legit:

  • Cash as payment for scrap is no longer allowed. If you’re scrapping your car the company should offer to pay you with a cheque or by bank transaction. This is so that everything is recorded, a protection in case anything may go wrong. If someone offers you cash for your scrap car, make sure you refuse and contact another dealer.
  • Make sure you ask to see a licence. From the 1st October 2013, scrap metal dealers MUST have a licence. These are categorised into a site licence or a collection licence. If your dealer has neither, there is a fair chance that this dealer is dodgy.
  • Contact someone in the trade before selling your scrap car and just to be on the safe side, never sell to a dealer who knocks on your door.


If you sell your car to us, we are Environment Agency approved, whereas you can never be sure that if you sell our car without an appointment that the dealer is. If you are offered cash, the scrap metal dealer will be fined £5’000 for this offence and what’s more, if this person is then caught fly tipping your waste, you could have inadvertently damaged the environment

If you need any more information call us on 01204 388 488.