Best Scrapyard In Manchester


WHEN customers are searching for who is the best scrapyard in Manchester, we, The Scrappers, like to put our head above the parapet and say it’s us.

Technically our yard maybe not be in the Manchester postcode, but we are only down the road in sunny Bolton.

The Scrappers are proud to run one of the biggest breakers and salvage yards in the North West. Our drivers go far and wide collecting cars for scrap because people know we are a scrapyard you can trust.

If you are wondering, “where is a scrapyard I can trust?” you can firmly rely on The Scrappers – Metro Salvage.  

Over the years we have scrapped millions of vehicles and helped people bid farewell to their old car, motorbike, van, bus or truck.

Parting ways with a vehicle can be a staggering pull on the heartstrings. A car that’s been with an owner for years isn’t just a mode of transport – it’s a pal, but sometimes pals can act up!

So when that metal buddy is taking more than giving, there has to come a point where it’s time to move on. And although this can be heart breaking, there is hope and a new beginning for that old vehicle. 

We like to call it reinCARnation and we talk about this magical phenomenon often.

You may be done with your car and your car may be done with you. But, we never give up on any old heap that turns up at our yard. We’ll strip the bare bones from that lass so elements that can be salvaged and reused. You old car can live on!

We check and clean all those parts that still work and then add them to our stockpile of quality used car parts. These are the parts which can be reborn in other motors.

Many of the parts we retrieve often find their way to sunnier climates – lucky for them hey!


We are major exporters and rejoice that the car salvage business is a global industry. We love being connected to the world and keeping people moving.

Next the shell, the bodywork of your car, is then ripped and shredded by our fab grabber Gloria. She’ll sink her claws in and grapple with the best of them. 

Once she’s done, the scrap metal is picked up by scrap metal collectors. The metal will be taken off and melted down and eventually become something new and fabulous. 

Have you ever wondered, “where is a scrapyard I can trust?” or “where is the best scrapyard in Manchester?” then welcome to The Scrappers.

We’re an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). You should only ever choose an ATF as they are government approved and handle recycled waste in accordance to strict guidelines. 

Would you like to know what happens to your vehicle once it’s through our gates? The first things we do is remove all potentially environmentally hazardous liquids such as anti-freeze, oils, fuel which are pollutants if not disposed of correctly. 

Do you want a scrapyard with a name you can trust? Then choose The Scrappers.

We are the best payers for scrap cars Bolton based, but catering much further afield too. 

Would you like to know how much your old car is worth? Get a quote today and you could be seeing your car off into the next life within 24 hours.

Collection is free and payment is instant going straight into your bank account. 

Call 01204 388488.