Best payers for scrap cars near me

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Wanted: cars, dead or alive.

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It’s easier than you think to find your nearest car scrap yard in Bolton – or wherever you live – because The Scrappers are the experts to call (01204) 388488.

The Scrappers need cars and we need car today!

Runner and non-runners. Accident damaged cars, high mileage vehicles like taxis and MOT failures please.

We buy any car North West way and we pay great prices too.

So if you want to scrap a car Manchester today, for example then get in touch with us.

You may be hunting for the “best payers for scrap cars near me” and if so, talk to us.

The Scrappers will buy any car in any condition because they love all vehicles.

Vehicle will be welcome with open arms in the form of Gloria our grabbing machine.


She will rip and tear into a scrap car so that the metal can be shipped off to be recycled. 

But before any of that happens, if there are useful parts of your car, say a wing mirror for example we can recycle it.

That’s because recycling is at the heart of what The Scrappers do.

We are an authorised treatment facility (ATF). This means we deal with scrap vehicles in accordance to government guidelines and we are approved to deal with them greenly and safely.

So if you want to scrap a car Manchester with the best – go with The Scrappers.

You’ll get a friendly fast service. If you’re wondering, “can I scrap my car in a day?” you certainly can with us.

The Scrappers usually arrange same day car collection for free. Payment for your scrap car goes straight into your bank and job a good ‘un as they say.

If for example, you’re wondering, “how much is my Octavia worth?” you can find our in seconds online. Or call us up on 01204 388488. 

We’re based in Bolton but we cater for the while of the North West so get in touch and scrap you car today. Say you’re looking to “sell my Toyota Prius Manchester today” contact The Scrappers.

We pay competitively so why not give us a go. And we buy any car Manchester way. We buy any car Bolton way. We buy any car basically! Oh and vans too. So get in touch today on 01204 388488.

The Scrappers – fast, reliable and the friendly way to scrap or sell you car. 

Or why not scrap your van with Scrap A Van, check out there website right here and see how easily you can part with your scrap van.