Benjamin Bateson Bolton College Work Experience – 2017

I am currently study Btec Level 3 IT at Bolton College. For the course I have to complete 30 hours of work experience which I shall be doing at The Scrappers a choice made by the college. The placement is from  15/05/2017 till 19/05/2017.  The college’s  letter  describing the placement said to wear smart casual this ended up being a massive miscalculation on there part as oill on the floor of the office and storage area ruined two pairs of my jean and my shoes. Next for the induction we first went health and safety such as fire exits areas we are allowed  and those were not. After covering the basics we headed to the office area behind the wing mirror and headlight storage.

As there was no way for us to do IT the first day we primarily moved thing such as car doors from one location to another. However the next day we started to do tasks IT related the first being to write a blog post about are ourself, the induction and our experiences this far. Including  myself there is one other IT student doing work experience at The Scrappers. While you may think writing the blog would’ve been the hardest part of this task  it was infact getting the computers to connect to the network. But after 2 drive failures and 4 towers later we got to work on the blog posts which unforchantly kept being hindered by a spacebar that seemed  to  have a will of it’s own. However atleast  I got to use my system building skills such as replacing components thoughout the task.

I  have a varity of skillis in IT firstly I have a basic understanding of grapical programs and some knowlege of creating a animation. Next is my ability to clean a system both phyically and on the software level such as installing anti-virus software and removing any file not required for the daily use of the computer. Lastly I research  parts for a computer system to suit a given role and do so within reasonable budget.