Become A Supplier

Become A Supplier Partner

Here at The Scrappers we have our team working on making sure we get as many used car parts requests as possible, every day. We get so many requests for second hand car parts in fact, that sometimes demand is higher than supply. However, we are now inviting breaker yards from all over the UK to join us in ensuring that each and every customer gets the parts they need.

How It Works

We have thousands of requests every week, which will be shared with our partnered suppliers. Obviously, we cannot provide every customer with every single car part they may need, but working together, we aim to have a 100% in stock rate. Once the customer puts in their request, this will be sent to all our agents who can then send the customer their quote.

We aim to dramatically increase your sales of used car parts, including engines and gearboxes and for a standard monthly fee. Why not sign up today?

PLEASE NOTE: You must provide proof of your business before registration can be completed.