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Battered battery?


It literally happens overnight; winter.

Before you know it, temperatures have dropped dramatically and cars of a certain age start playing up.

According to the AA, the most common cause of a breakdown is a clapped out battery. On average the automobile recovery service tends to well over half a million battery-related breakdowns during the cold spell.

But a huge percentage of non-starters could be avoided if certain precautionary measures are taken.

The garage servicing your vehicle should check your battery is connected correctly and there is no corrosion. You should think about replacing a battery once it’s over 5 years old, and that’s where The Scrappers can help. We stock lots of nearly new car batteries from vehicles that have been otherwise damaged, but still have power sources in great nick.

But it’s not just the battery that can land you with winter motoring woes. It should be obvious, but so many motorists forget to prepare for the cold onslaught by failing to carry out a few winter-proof essentials that could save much grief – and money.

Do the sensible thing and be organised. Fill up with anti-freeze, carry a spare bottle of water in your motor in case you do breakdown, as well as a blanket and some light nibbles.
Get a shovel shoved in the boot, along with a high visibility vest. Don’t forget to stick a scraper in the dashboard and some welly boots in the boot!

Check tyre pressures, check oil and make sure there’s enough fuel in the tank.

We may sound like nagging nan-nans, but don’t delay. Get that winter service in now before it gets really cold – it could make the difference between a car that runs and one that runs out.

Of course The Scrappers is always here if you have an end of life vehicle. We pay cash for your old or damaged car and we can even help you out with a quality used motor.

And don’t forget our stock of quality used tyres. We offer free checks on all tyres, ensuring you drive away safely, come rain, sleet or snow.

But above all remember our quality used-car batteries.  They’re all in tip-top condition and you’ll find the prices electrifying, in fact, quite shocking – in the best possible way.