Avoid Ulez confusion in London’s and scrap your vehicle

In a bid to improve air quality in central London, the Mayor Sadiq Khan has introduced an ultra low emission zone – known as Ulez.

This means that only newer petrol and diesel vehicles, plus electric vehicles, will be allowed to enter the Ulez without facing extra charges.

For those owners and businesses with older, polluting vehicles means they need to pay more and if they do not pay then there is the prospect of a £160 fine.

Basically, your diesel van will need to be Euro6 complaint to avoid the extra charge and petrol engines need to be Euro4 compliant. Travel for London has a useful website to help determine whether you will need to pay the Ulez charge by using your registration number.

Ulez scrap vehicle Thescrappers.co.uk
Car and van owners who want to scrap their vehicle because of Ulez – the ultra-low emission zone – and get the best price should call The Scrappers – 01204 388488.

Consider scrapping their polluting cars and vans

For worried owners of older vehicles, now might be the best time to consider scrapping their polluting cars and vans and get the best scrap price when doing so.

This will mean contacting The Scrappers who have a network of agents who will arrange to pick-up your scrap vehicle at a time to suit you and pay directly into your bank account when doing so.

You should also be reassured that The Scrappers will carefully recycle your vehicle as much as possible, including the engine and any parts.

The Scrappers is monitored by the Environment Agency and is an authorised treatment facility for dealing with scrap vehicles so they are properly depolluted and the harmful oils do not damage the environment and are dealt with properly.

Ulez zones will spread

There is no doubt that the London scheme will attract international attention and it’s also likely that these ultra low emission zones will spread around the country as growing numbers of local authorities look to improve air pollution levels in their towns and cities.

As a result, more car and van owners will be needing to switch to newer vehicles or invest in an electric vehicle to avoid punitive charges.

If you would like to find out how much your scrap van or car is worth and deal with a professional vehicle scrapping firm, then you need to contact The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 to begin the process of efficiently scrapping your vehicle.