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What is the scrap value of a Ford Transit van?

How to get the best scrap price for Ford vans
A Ford Transit for scrapping

It’s an important question for businesses and van owners, and that is ‘What is the scrap value of a Ford Transit van?’

Depending on where you live in the country, the prices can vary, but for those in the North West wanting to sell a Ford van for scrap, then you need to contact The Scrappers to get the best scrap price.

That’s because the family-run business is scrapping lots of vans every week and while they are based in Bolton, they also are looking for scrapping Ford vans in Preston, Liverpool, Bury and Manchester.

Leading Ford van breakers

Over the years, The Scrappers has built-up an unrivalled reputation as the region’s leading Ford van breakers and for being the best payers.

They also offer a free collection service and you will be paid directly by bank transfer when your scrap vehicle is picked up.

You also need to appreciate that when searching for the

How to find your nearest car scrap yard in Bolton

And scrap your car or van for the best price
A pile of scrapped cars UK

If you live in Bolton and you want to find your nearest car scrap yard, particularly one that is paying the best scrap prices, then you need The Scrappers.

With years of experience in scrapping cars and vans, this family-run firm should be the first place you ask for a quote to scrap a car.

You can either call the team on (01204) 388488 or use the free online scrap car quotation form.

In both cases, you will need to be honest about the condition of your car and, if you like the price being quoted, then you simply arrange for a free collection of the vehicle at a time and place to suit you.

The big benefit of this free scrap car pick-up service is that you could, for example, have your car picked up from the garage if it has failed its MoT.

Search for local car and van scrap yards

The other

How to find a Honda scrap yard in Bolton

Need quality, cheap Honda car parts?
A car scrap yard in Bolton, UK

There will be two reasons why someone will want to find a Honda scrap yard in Bolton – or anywhere in the UK – and they are:

  • You have a Honda car you want to scrap for the best price
  • Or you want to find cheap, quality Honda spare parts.

Whatever your reason, The Scrappers should be the first Honda scrap yard you contact to see whether they have the quality spare parts in stock or how much your Honda is worth as scrap.

Scrap a Honda car for cash

If you want to scrap a Honda car for cash, then give the team a call on (01204) 388488 to find out how much they are willing to pay for your vehicle.

You can also use the free online vehicle quotation form and you will need to fill in your vehicle registration, postcode and a telephone number to receive a quote.

If you

3 Tips for scrapping a van in the UK

Get the best price to scrap a van
A scrap van waiting to be recycled

These tips for scrapping a van in the UK will be helpful for any van owner wanting to get the best scrap price for their unwanted vehicle.

Whether the van is a runner or a non-runner, has been in an accident or failed its MOT, your scrap van is worth cash.

However, in order to get the best price and to comply with the law, it’s important that you follow these three tips from The Scrappers.

Use an Authorised Treatment Facility

While it may be tempting to trawl van scrap yards in the search for the highest cash offer, you need to be aware that you should be using an authorised treatment facility (ATF) for disposing of your van.

That’s because these facilities are checked by the Environment Agency to make sure that your van is being scrapped in compliance with the law. Not using a facility means you will be breaking the law and

Find a Toyota scrap yard in Bolton

Sell your Toyota car for scrap
Toyota scrap cars and parts in Bolton

It may have been your reliable pride and joy, but if you need to find a Toyota scrapyard in Bolton, then you should get the best price and deal with professionals.

This will mean dealing with The Scrappers who have 30 years of experience in scrapping unwanted Toyota cars and they can take your car too.

Whether yours is an older Toyota, for example, a Toyota Camry or a new model such as the Toyota Rav4 or the Toyota Yaris or Corolla, then you can earn the best price.

That’s because there is a strong demand from customers wanting quality Toyota used parts that The Scrappers needs to meet and they will pay a premium for late-model Toyotas in order to meet this.

Also, if you have a salvage Toyota, that’s a car that has been written off by the insurance firm, then you also need to speak with The Scrappers to get the best

A scrap van sold for cash

There’s no need to waste time trawling around van scrap yards when you want to earn the best scrap van price for your unwanted vehicle.

The easiest way to access great scrap prices is to call The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 to learn how much they are prepared to offer, or you can use their free online quoting form.

Once you have entered your registration number, you will be offered a scrap van price but you need to be honest about the condition of your van.

It’s also worth noting that The Scrappers has a nationwide network of reliable agents, so they can offer a free collection to pick up your van at a time and place to suit you.

The Scrappers is an authorised treatment facility so your van will be thoroughly depolluted without harming our environment and any spare parts that can be sold on, will be.

Scrapping a van for cash


Do you need a Mercedes scrap yard?

Scrap your Mercedes for cash
A pile of scrapped cars

If you are searching online in a bid to find a Mercedes scrap yard near you, then you can save time and make money from The scrappers.

Not only will this friendly, family-run business offer the best prices but they can offer a free collection of your scrap Mercedes at a time and place to suit you.

They will also pay instantly into your bank account when they pick your unwanted Mercedes up.

It’s also important to appreciate that The Scrappers will pay the most money because, as leading Mercedes-Benz breakers, there is a strong demand from customers for Mercedes spares including Mercedes engines and gearboxes.

Scrap a Mercedes for cash

When you need to scrap a Mercedes for cash, you need to appreciate that you can no longer be handed money by car and van breakers.

Instead, the law states you must be paid into a bank account and it’s illegal for a car

Looking for same day salvage car experts?

Scrap a vehicle for cash today
A salvage car being collected for free

When it comes to finding same day salvage car experts, a quick Internet search reveals that there are lots of firms offering to pick up your salvage vehicle.

However, not all vehicle salvage firms are the same and if you want to deal with professionals and earn the most money, then you need to contact the team at The Scrappers.

Not only can they pick up your salvage car for free, but it’s possible to arrange a same day collection too.

For many people, this will be a boon after their vehicle has been written off by their insurance firm.

Competitive price for your salvage car

The best way of earning a competitive price for your salvage car is to use a firm with years of experience in dealing with scrap and salvage cars and vans.

It’s also important that when you search online to find a salvage vehicle company near you that you appreciate

A motorcycle for scrapping

It’s always a sad time when you have to scrap your bike because it has reached the end of its life or is too expensive to repair – but there is some good news.

And that’s when you scrap your motorbike, you should deal with The Scrappers who pay instantly when they collect your motorcycle by paying into your bank account.

If you want to sell a bike for cash, the process is easy with the team being interested in motorbikes, scooters and mopeds, as well as quad bikes.

Basically, The Scrappers will scrap any vehicle, including motorbikes, and pay the best price when doing so.

How much your scrap motorcycle is worth

You can find out how much your scrap motorcycle is worth by using the online form on The Scrappers website or by calling the friendly team on (01204) 388488.

This is an easy service to use for those who may be searching