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Whether you have ferrous or nonferrous metals in any quantity, you may be searching online to find a scrap metal yard near me.

If so, then you should use The Scrappers who have a simple process of finding out how much your metal is worth.

You can either contact them directly on (01204) 388488 or fill in the online form for selling scrap metal with your phone number and postcode and you will get a price per tonne.

The collection service is free and The Scrappers are interested in all quantities of scrap metal.

Nonferrous scrap metals scrap metal Scrappers will pay the best scrap prices for your scrap metal and help you [...]

You would think it would be a fairly straightforward process to find a car scrap yard in the UK but you need to be wary for several reasons.

While you could use a search engine to find a scrapyard near you, it’s really important that you choose a scrapyard that is also an authorised treatment facility.

The Scrappers is an authorised treatment facility and can pick up your unwanted car or van wherever you are in the UK and pay the best price.

But why use an authorised treatment facility? The simple answer is that you will be reassured that your vehicle is depolluted properly and any parts that can be recycled will be.

Also, only an authorised treatment facility will be able to give you a certificate of destruction which is proof that you have disposed of your scrap vehicle properly and are no longer liable for it.

Scrap your vehicle for cash

If you want to know how to scrap my car quickly, then you really should call The Scrappers on 01204 388488.

That’s because the friendly team have more than 20 years of experience in scrapping cars and vans from around the UK.

Not only can they arrange collection from wherever you are living at a time to suit you, they also pay the best prices.

This means there is little need to contact several scrapyards or vehicle dismantling firms in a bid to find the best prices and a free collection since The Scrappers are likely to beat all of their quotes.

Scrap your car for cash scrap car prices to earn the best scrap car prices? [...]

For anybody wanting tips on scrapping an electric vehicle, there are some important issues you need to bear in mind.

While the process to scrapping and depolluting an electric car or van is similar to that for a petrol or diesel powered vehicle, there are some important differences.

Firstly, an electric vehicle is packed with complex electronics and circuitry as well as the battery pack. All of these need to be dealt with carefully.

Secondly, it’s really important that you use an authorised treatment facility for disposing of an unwanted electric vehicle because these are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the vehicle is properly depolluted without harming our environment.

If you decide to use a scrapyard for disposing of an electric vehicle and it’s not being monitored by the Environment Agency, then you run the risk that pollutants from your vehicle may damage the environment and you will still be responsible for [...]

There’s a growing list of reasons why taxi drivers should scrap a taxi for cash and here at The Scrappers we will explain more.

Firstly, the introduction of the ultralow emission zone (Ulez) in London has led to firms scrapping their diesel vans for low emission versions – as are taxi drivers.

Now growing numbers of towns and cities are looking at introducing clean air zones for their city centres, including:


From late next year high emission vehicles will be charged to enter the city centre. Taxis will pay £9 per day.


Taxis face an £8 levy from January next year once the proposed clean air zone comes into operation.


From January 20, taxis will be among those vehicles being restricted in the city centre.

Greater Manchester

Older taxis will need to pay from 2021 in the region.


From January next year, a clean air zone will be introduced with taxis [...]

With growing numbers of electric vehicles, or EVs, on our roads, you may be searching online for ‘How to scrap your electric car’.

While numbers are low currently, there’s no doubt that from 2019 more electric cars will need to be scrapped or recycled because they’ve either been involved in an accident or are too expensive to repair.

This then leaves owners with something of a conundrum because they will need to use a reputable scrap car firm to ensure their vehicle is disposed of correctly.

Failing to do so may lead to the environment being polluted as rogue car scrappers will fail to de-pollute the car properly so there may be oils and chemicals being thrown away.

Scrap electric cars for cash 'scrap my car' the
'scrap my car' the

To get the best price for a scrap car, the easiest way is to simply call The Scrappers.

The friendly team of experts will offer the best price and pickup for free any unwanted vehicle regardless of where you are in the UK.

The prices being offered by scrapyards will vary and be influenced by a range of factors including the supply of scrap metal into the market and demand from buyers.

It helps that there is a network of friendly and reputable agents working on behalf of The Scrappers who can arrange a free pickup at a time to suit you and pay into your bank account when they do so.

Get the best price for your scrap car

However, to get the best price for your scrap car there are some tips you really should pay attention to including:

  • Do not remove any parts from your car: this will lower its value and [...]
scrap car network

Wanting to scrap an electric car UK? Then for help and advice, you should call the experts at The Scrappers.

That’s because the family firm is well-established and has years of experience in scrapping vehicles and can help recycle unwanted electric cars too.

Indeed, The Scrappers is an authorised treatment facility which means that vehicles – both electric and combustion engine cars – are recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner.

This means that any toxic materials such as the batteries and engine oils are disposed of safely.

To bring peace of mind, all authorised treatment facilities are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure they are complying with laws and regulations.

Scrapping an electric car for cash

It’s also important that you avoid using an unlicensed scrapyard when scrapping an electric car for cash.

One of the issues is that it’s unlikely that these rogue operators will be able to make money from removing the lithium [...]

scrap car prices

If you want to find a car scrap yard near me and want to deal with professionals who pay the best prices, then you need to speak with the team at The Scrappers.

That’s because they have more than 20 years of experience in scrapping cars and vans and can collect from anywhere in the UK.

Based in the north-west of England, The Scrappers use a network of friendly and experienced agents to pick up vehicles at a time to suit you and from wherever you need the vehicle collecting from. Whether it’s from home, work or a garage then we are happy to collect it.

You can also use a search engine to find a scrapyard for paying the best prices near to where you live but you need to be aware of a number of issues.

The first issue is that the scrapyard really should be licensed by the Environment Agency, so it [...]

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